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No download Website Updated 07 Mar 2004 Mathematica

Pop 44.98
Vit 1.54

Mathematica is a program for doing mathematics by computer.

No download Website Updated 15 Apr 2002 Maple

Pop 28.88
Vit 1.00

Maple does mathematical computations (both numeric and symbolic) and plots graphs.

Download Website Updated 17 May 2009 Train Scheduler for Palm Pilot

Pop 41.59
Vit 3.09

trainsched displays train schedules in an easy-to- read format. The included converter converts the schedules from a CSV format to the PDB file format used in Palm OS.

Download Website Updated 22 Oct 2003 SalStat

Pop 60.17
Vit 4.41

SalStat is an small application for the statistical analysis of scientific data (with a special concentration on psychology). It is a bit like SPSS and StatView, and it is written in Python/wxPython.

Download Website Updated 12 May 2002 umatrix

Pop 14.21
Vit 1.42

umatrix is a matrix unit for Free Pascal, which supports real and complex matrices. It provides basic routines (addition, multiplication) via overloaded operators. Some of the features it includes are solving of equation systems, norms, inversion, and determinants.

Download No website Updated 07 Feb 2011 stoned

Pop 78.77
Vit 3.59

Stoned is a simple but fully functional curling simulation. It features 3D graphics, network play, and funky sound.

Download Website Updated 11 Oct 2011 Software Testing Automation Framework

Pop 136.05
Vit 3.76

STAF (Software Testing Automation Framework) is a framework designed to improve the level of reuse and automation in test cases and test environments. Its goal is to provide a complete end-to-end automation solution for testers.

No download Website Updated 30 Jan 2014 Small Potato

Pop 24.70
Vit 2.13

Small Potato is a chess engine. It can be used with any frontend that supports the IETF protocol version 2 (such as XBoard or WinBoard).

No download Website Updated 13 Oct 2002 Py-TOC

Pop 31.30
Vit 3.39

Py-TOC is a Python module for programming automated entities that participate on the AOL Instant Messenger network.

Download No website Updated 18 Jun 2002 XoopsForge

Pop 90.28
Vit 1.43

XoopsForge is a SourceForge clone built on top of the Xoops Content Management System. It uses MySQL instead of PostgreSQL, and has lots of settable options.


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A window manager for X.


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Tiny, portable general Unix utilities.