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Download Website Updated 23 Aug 2011 Cacheonix

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Cacheonix is a reliable distributed Java cache. It helps software organizations achieve reliability, scalability, and performance in their enterprise applications by distributing cached data across a cluster of computers connected by a high-speed network and converting the per-node memory into a large cache of the shared address space. Cacheonix builds on top of a reliable cache coherence protocol that ensures that all nodes have a consistent view of the shared data.

Download Website Updated 18 Jun 2010 Instrument Element

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The Instrument Element is a Grid/Cloud component that provides the computational/data Grid with an abstraction of real instruments and provides users with a more interactive interface to control them.

Download Website Updated 14 Jun 2011 PySignup

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PySignup is a simple Web application designed for use as a public sign-up sheet. It is easy to use, install, and configure, and can be configured to meet any public sign-up sheet needs.

No download Website Updated 24 Aug 2008 Baynoon

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Baynoon is an object database server that understands and efficiently implements relationships (one to one, one to many, and many to many) between entities using a simple query language. It is written in object-oriented C++ and is intended to be portable.

Download Website Updated 23 Aug 2008 Summer Session

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Summer Session is a lighthearted, naughty dating sim/visual novel written in Ren'Py. In Summer Session, you must balance your schedule to raise your stats and pass your exams. Meet unique characters, make friends, and find romance, then play again to unlock all the endings.

Download Website Updated 05 Mar 2013 LaserCalc

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LaserCalc is a tool to calculate optical paths and resonators based on Gaussian beam matrix optics. Optical elements such as lenses or distances can be set up to an optical path. An input beam parameter (z & w value) as well as the wavelength can be set. The programm calculates the propagation of the beam along the path. For an optical resonator, the TEM00 Eigenmode of a given wavelength is automatically calculated. Furthermore, a stability parameter is derived.

Download Website Updated 14 May 2012 rsvndump

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rsvndump is a command line tool that is able to dump a subversion repository that resides on a remote server. All data is dumped in the format that can be read/written by svnadmin, so the data produced by rsvndump can easily be imported into a new subversion repository.

Download Website Updated 07 May 2009 drun

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drun is a GTK run dialog box with tab completion and a simple UI. It supports common features as well as history, files, directories, URLs, and spelling correction. It was designed to be simple and fast, and be easy to use with keyboard input. It can be run with directory and file parameters to support integration with Nautilus and Thunar selections. It keeps a history of run commands to give ordered completions including parameters. It has configurable URL and directory handlers, and recursive tab completion.

Download Website Updated 08 Oct 2011 codemetre

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codemetre allows you to compare different versions of your software project, determining how and how much source files have changed. It currently recognizes both source code and comments from Ada, Bash shell, C, Eiffel, SQL, and more. It can also provide you with metrics on any single snapshot of your project.

No download Website Updated 24 Aug 2008 ChemDoodle

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ChemDoodle is a fully functional chemical drawing application. In addition to being multi-platform, it natively reads and writes many common file formats, including ChemDraw's CDX and CDXML. It provides a number of widgets, a complete templating system, and access to public databases of common molecules.


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A system that supports unattended installations of Linux and Windows.


Project Spotlight


Display of images using escape codes.