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Download Website Updated 12 Sep 2005 SL-POS

Pop 51.71
Vit 2.02

SL-POS is a patch that adds significant point of sale and retail management capabilities to SQL-Ledger. Current features include several ways of tracking till cash drawers, online till closing routines, rudimentary portable data terminal integration, POS hardware support (Pole displays, receipt printers, cash drawers), and more. It is commercially supported.

Download Website Updated 10 Jul 2007 EasyEclipse

Pop 116.03
Vit 3.21

EasyEclipse packages together the Eclipse IDE and key open source plug-ins. It is intended to make Eclipse easier to download, install, and use.

Download Website Updated 01 Jul 2005 MM3-WebAssistant Proxy Offline Browser

Pop 22.18
Vit 1.00

The MM3-WebAssistant Proxy Offline Browser archives Web pages that have been visited with your browser to be used online and offline. When offline, each page is available with its original URL, so the user sees no difference between surfing in the Internet or the archive. You can even use your bookmarks offline. The archive can be used efficiently by marking and highlighting words. This proxy also allows mobile users to access Internet information when they don't have Internet access.

Download Website Updated 07 Apr 2011 SimGear

Pop 45.33
Vit 4.10

Simgear is a library for rapid construction and prototyping of 3D simulation, game, and visualization programs.

No download Website Updated 01 Jul 2005 Remote System Management Tool

Pop 19.49
Vit 1.00

Remote System Management Tool is an Eclipse plug-in that provides an integrated GUI environment and enables testers to manage multiple remote servers simultaneously. The tool is designed as a management tool for those who would otherwise telnet to more than one server to manage the servers and who must look at different documents and man pages to find commands for different platforms in order to create or manage users and groups and to initiate and monitor processes. This tool handles these operations on remote servers by using a user-friendly GUI.

    Download Website Updated 09 Aug 2005 2D/3D Stacked Vertical Bar Graph for PHP

    Pop 39.05
    Vit 1.42

    2D/3D Stacked Vertical Bar Graph for PHP is a script that provides a very easy way to embed dynamically generated stacked vertical bar graphs and charts into PHP applications and HTML Web pages. The graphing software is very easy to use and it's perfectly possible to add professional quality real-time graphing to Web pages and applications within minutes.

    No download Website Updated 16 Dec 2005 Plan/B

    Pop 56.99
    Vit 2.52

    Plan/B is a network-aware file backup system specifically designed to make the backup of files from multiple machines to a variety of devices simple. The system provides features such as comprehensive reporting, the ability to use CDROM drives across the network, and centralized management. Plan/B can be deployed on Windows and Linux systems.

    Download Website Updated 27 Feb 2008 OpenSyncro

    Pop 62.16
    Vit 3.16

    OpenSyncro is an enterprise application integration (EAI) tool. It runs on the Apache Tomcat application server and has a Web browser interface for setting up and maintaining component based integration processes. Features include data converters from CSV tables and other text based data formats to XML, support for XSL transformations (XSLT 2.0), calling Web Services, accessing files on FTP/HTTP servers, and databases via JDBC. A connector for Smilehouse Workspace webshops is also built-in. OpenSyncro can be extended with Connector Packs for ERP/CRM systems.

    No download Website Updated 08 Aug 2006 PHP Project

    Pop 234.18
    Vit 5.12

    PHP Project is an easy-to-use Web-based project management system. It features multiple user support, and is easy to customize for your needs.

    No download Website Updated 28 Jun 2005 dhtmlxMenu

    Pop 24.39
    Vit 57.24

    dhtmlxMenu is an advanced JavaScript menu with rich functionality, XML support, cross-browser compatibility, a powerful API, and customizable icons (with JavaScript or XML). It supports vertical scrolling of items and several button types.


    Project Spotlight


    A window manager for X.


    Project Spotlight


    Tiny, portable general Unix utilities.