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Download Website Updated 22 May 2005 mdf2iso

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Vit 2.30

mdf2iso is a very simple utility to convert an Alcohol 120% bin image to the standard ISO-9660 format, cue sheets, or TOC file.

Download Website Updated 14 Oct 2013 StelsCSV

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StelsCSV is a JDBC driver that allows performing SQL statements and other JDBC operations upon text files (comma separated, tab-separated, fixed length, etc.). Using this driver, users can easily create a simple database consisting of plain text files. The driver can be used for writing data importing programs and migration tools. It supports most keywords of ANSI SQL92, table joins, INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE statements, data types, aggregate, converting, string, and user-defined SQL functions.

Download Website Updated 24 Apr 2007 StelsEngine

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Vit 2.59

StelsEngine is a fast in-memory SQL engine (in-memory JDBC) for storing and processing tabular data in Java applications. Using StelsEngine, you can make processing data in your software considerably easier and quicker. It implements the JDBC API standard. It is a JDBC Type 4 driver, supports most keywords of ANSI SQL 92, supports integer, floating point, string, date/time, and Java object data types, supports aggregate, numeric, string, conversion, and user-defined SQL functions, supports data loading from a DBMS, and is platform independent.

No download Website Updated 08 Nov 2004 JDuplicate

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Vit 1.00

JDuplicate is a multilingual, client/server multiplayer word game suite. It supports popular word games such as Duplicate and Scrabble.

Download Website Updated 24 May 2014 Asymptote

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Asymptote is a powerful descriptive 2D and 3D vector graphics language for technical drawing, inspired by MetaPost but with an improved C++-like syntax. It provides for figures the same high-quality level of typesetting that LaTeX does for scientific text. Asymptote is a programming language as opposed to just a graphics program. It can exploit the best features of script (command-driven) and graphical user interface (GUI) methods. High-level graphics commands are implemented in the language itself, allowing them to be easily tailored to specific applications.

Download Website Updated 25 May 2012 GPAC

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GPAC is a multimedia framework based on the MPEG4 systems standard. It aims to integrate as many "rich media" technologies as possible. It already supports MPEG-4 BIFS, SVG, MPEG-4 LASeR, VRML, and X3D presentations, many audio/video codecs and formats, RTP/RTSP streaming, MPEG-2 TS broadcast, ISO File format and HTTP Streaming (MPEG-DASH and HLS). GPAC provides both a player (Osmo4 / MP4Client) and command line tools (MP4Box and MP42TS).

Download Website Updated 26 Aug 2009 Armangil's podcatcher

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Vit 7.87

Armangil's podcatcher is a podcast client for the command line. It provides several download strategies (new shows only, back-catalog allowed, etc), offers cache management, supports BitTorrent, and generates playlists for media player applications.

Download Website Updated 05 Sep 2008 octaviz

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Octaviz is a visualization system for Octave. It is a wrapper that makes all VTK classes accessible from within Octave using the same object-oriented syntax as in C++ or Python. It also provides high-level functions for 2D and 3D visualization. Using those functions, most common visualization tasks (3D surface plots, contour plots, meshes, etc.) can be accomplished without any knowledge about VTK.

Download Website Updated 17 Jul 2009 High Performance Linpack

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HPL is a software package that solves a (random) dense linear system in double precision (64-bit) arithmetic on distributed-memory computers. It can thus be regarded as a portable implementation of the High Performance Computing Linpack Benchmark.

Download Website Updated 29 Mar 2011 HPC Challenge

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HPC Challenge is a collection of benchmarks for measuring various aspects of system performance, such as flop/s, sustainable memory bandwidth, memory read/write rates, network bandwidth, and latency for parallel machines. It is designed for supercomputers, but will run on any computer with MPI-1 (Message Passing Interface) implementation and BLAS (Basic Linear Algebra Subprograms).


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A system that supports unattended installations of Linux and Windows.


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Display of images using escape codes.