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Download Website Updated 15 Mar 2004 tkscript

Pop 37.39
Vit 2.06

tkscript is a JIT-accelerated C-like scripting language with bindings for OpenGL, SDL, SDL_net, libpng, and zlib. A plugin SDK can be used to dynamically extend the script engine with custom C functions and C++ classes. It can be used to create portable, 3D, OpenGL-accelerated multimedia applications.

Download Website Updated 19 Aug 2003 QtTV

Pop 18.30
Vit 1.42

QtTV is a TV guide that uses XMLTV as a backend to display TV listings on any QT enabled platform, although it has been primarily designed for the Sharp Zaurus.

Download Website Updated 30 May 2004 phpWX

Pop 60.40
Vit 2.08

phpWX is a small PHP script that displays current weather conditions. It can display up-to-date weather information, active advisories, and more, based on a Zip Code. It can also display Windchill, HeatIndex, and improved condition vars. Visitors on your site can enter their zipcode for their own weather conditions, too.

Download Website Updated 14 Feb 2012 Java Service Wrapper

Pop 184.90
Vit 10.55

Java Service Wrapper is a configurable tool which allows Java applications to be installed and controlled like native NT or Unix services. It includes fault correction software to automatically restart crashed or frozen JVMs. It is built for flexibility.

No download Website Updated 22 Sep 2005 ActiveKB

Pop 38.97
Vit 1.58

ActiveKB is an easy to use, powerful knowledge base software package. It features simple installation, a WYSIWYG HTML editor, attachments, unlimited questions and answers, an active response system, and much more. It is also totally rebrandable.

Download Website Updated 20 May 2004 FTP Applet

Pop 34.90
Vit 1.80

FTP Applet is a full-featured Java 1.1-based FTP client that runs in the context of your Web browser. It is targeted towards organizations that wish to provide their users an easy method of exchanging data without the need for installing FTP client software.

Download Website Updated 17 Aug 2011 RSSOwl

Pop 263.78
Vit 13.10

RSSOwl is a wise SWT-based news aggregator. Its search feature lets you hunt down the best RSS/RDF/Atom feeds on the Web, and then organize and share your feeds with agility. Other features include an integrated browser; AmphetaRate, for acquiring news tailored to your tastes; full-text searching through headlines and descriptions; export feed summaries to PDF, RTF, and HTML; the ability to import or export OPML; the ability to exchange collections with others by importing or exporting subscriptions; the ability to import or export user data to and from other machines; automatic newsfeed upating; and much more.

Download Website Updated 09 Aug 2003 JunFa

Pop 12.17
Vit 1.00

JunFa is a chinese chess engine compliant with the CXBoard v1 communication protocol. It is the first OSS bitboard-based Chinese Chess engine released to the public. Its methods of move generation and board representation make it fast and capable of evaluating multiple board states very quickly.

No download Website Updated 02 Feb 2004 YourAmigo Enterprise Search

Pop 19.80
Vit 2.29

YourAmigo Enterprise Search is a Website or intranet search engine which is able to index and search content that is often hidden to other search engines. In addition to supporting traditional spidering methods, it implements a novel agent-based architecture to allow Web server-based Java agents to gather information about static, dynamic, and unlinked content from the local Web server and forward it to a central search server.

Download Website Updated 03 Jan 2005 libds

Pop 50.99
Vit 3.22

LibDS is a cross-platform library to support simple networking, threads, as well as data structures. It allows code reuse for common data structures, such as linked lists and hash tables, as well as support for complex entities such as config files.


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Gnome Partition Editor

A graphical frontend to libparted.


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PDF Split and Merge

A tool to split and merge PDF files.