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Download Website Updated 19 May 2001 E-Notes

Pop 28.77
Vit 2.35

E-Notes is an application delete, create, and configure your notes. The configuration can modify all properties of a note, like the border, title, text, colors (text and background), background image, font, padding, transparency, window attributes, shading, and defaults. An alarm can also be set for each note, and it works with the Enlightenment epplet and Window Maker dockapp.

Download Website Updated 18 Aug 2004 E-xmms

Pop 37.04
Vit 2.72

E-xmms is a Enlightenment epplet that interfaces with XMMS.

Download Website Updated 30 Jan 2001 E8Ball

Pop 20.69
Vit 1.00

E8Ball is an epplet that responds to questions you ask it. You can choose who, or what, answers your questions. Current choices are a Magic 8-Ball, Tux, Wilber, and Alan Cox.

Download Website Updated 22 Feb 2001 edx

Pop 25.10
Vit 1.02

edx is a Bash script that makes it easier to use your .xinitrc (or its equivalent) file. It allows you to keep different window managers and call the most appropriate one in different situations.

Download Website Updated 13 Aug 2002 Efsane II

Pop 23.04
Vit 2.98

Efsane II is the first Turkish-made and award-winning window manager. It is programmed in C++, and with the OOB technique.

Download Website Updated 25 Aug 2004 Enlightenment

Pop 333.44
Vit 5.34

Enlightenment is a themeable, fast, flexible, and powerful window manager that is designed to be as configurable as possible in both look and feel. In addition, Enlightenment provides an applet API that provides functionality somewhere between the GNOME applet system and Dock Apps from Afterstep/WindowMaker. The current design aim is for Enlightenment to become a desktop shell.

Download Website Updated 14 Feb 2001 EPIwm

Pop 24.12
Vit 3.01

EPIwm is a window manager born out of a school project. It is intended to be small, fast, and configurable while maintaining a large feature set.

Download Website Updated 12 Feb 2001 Escher

Pop 43.31
Vit 2.03

Escher is a collection of libraries for X Window System written purely in Java. It consists of an X11 protocol implementation (similar to Xlib for C/C++), and its extensions including GLX, and the OpenGL rendering protocol.

Download Website Updated 02 Apr 2009 evilwm

Pop 146.91
Vit 8.14

evilwm is a minimalist window manager for the X Window System. It maximises screen real estate and provides good keyboard control. It is currently based on aewm.

No download Website Updated 30 Jan 2001 exmms

Pop 29.14
Vit 1.00

exmms is an xmms control epplet.


Project Spotlight


A high performance, scalable database modeled after Bigtable.


Project Spotlight

Aspose.Pdf for .NET

A .NET component to create PDF documents without using Adobe Acrobat.