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Download Website Updated 29 Mar 2002 Python X Library

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Vit 3.20

The Python X Library is an object-oriented library for writing XWindows client applications. It supports all of X11R6, as well as resource databases and the ICCCM protocol.

Download Website Updated 30 Jan 2001 QSuperList

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Vit 1.42

QSuperList is a virtually codeless listbox for Qt. It provides a listbox with a plus and minus button that handles additions and subtractions to the listbox. The number of items, length of items, allowance of blank values are also set from simple member functions once. Editing an item is just a doubleclick in the listbox.

Download Website Updated 29 Jan 2002 OpenMotif

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Vit 1.85

Motif is the industry standard graphical user interface (GUI) available on more than 200 hardware and software platforms. It is the de facto graphical user interface on UNIX systems in heterogeneous networked computing environments. Motif is fully specified by the IEEE 1295 standard, providing application developers, system vendors, and end users with a stable, mature and reliable environment for application presentation on a wide range of platforms. Motif is also the base graphical user interface for the Common Desktop Environment (CDE) and a number of other desktops.

Download Website Updated 02 Dec 2005 Open Motif Everywhere

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Vit 4.27

Open Motif Everywhere is the standard distribution of Open Motif built from the official Open Group sources for Open Motif. It has been ported to all popular Linux (and BSD) environments. Most modern distributions of Linux and BSD include the stable release. Annual support contracts are also available.

Download Website Updated 01 Nov 2002 gnomemm

Pop 89.25
Vit 5.17

gnomemm (previously Gnome--) is a set of C++ bindings for the GNOME libraries, for use with gtkmm. It includes libgnomemm, gconfmm, libglademm, libgnomecanvasmm, and libgnomeuimm.

Download Website Updated 17 Dec 2001 gtkextramm

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Vit 3.02

gtkextramm (previously known as GtkExtra--) provides C++ wrappers for GtkExtra, for use with gtkmm. This includes the GtkPlot and GtkSheet widgets, among others.

Download Website Updated 19 Jul 2002 EiffelFox

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Vit 2.45

EiffelFox is an Eiffel language wrapper for the FOX GUI.

Download Website Updated 19 Sep 2003 neXtaW

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Vit 3.65

neXtaw is a modified version of the Athena Widgets with a N*XTSTEP appearance. It is based on the Xaw3d 1.5 library.

Download Website Updated 01 Jul 2005 PLIB

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Vit 2.83

PLIB is a set of libraries to write games and other realtime interactive applications that are 100% portable across a wide range of hardware and operating systems. It's used by Majik3D, FlightGear, and others, and includes libraries for GUI widgets, sound replay, geometry, scene graph, joystick, and fonts/text.

Download Website Updated 24 Jul 2006 SkinLF

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Vit 7.27

Todays applications tend to be skinnable: cdplayers, email notifiers, even operating systems. SkinLF provides a skin system for Java programs.


Project Spotlight


A drive encryption script that makes encryption of storage media and virtual files quick and easy.


Project Spotlight


An unconventional GUI testing tool for Python and Java GUIs.