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Download Website Updated 14 Aug 2005 yubController

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Vit 1.42

yubController is an easy-to-use front end to yubnub.org. It can retrieve and list commands in a single window, run commands and use your favorite browser to show results, and allows you to create your own commands.

Download Website Updated 14 Aug 2005 yublib

Pop 21.17
Vit 1.42

yublib is a simple Python library that allows developers to integrate yubnub into their applications.

Download Website Updated 24 Apr 2004 zFeeder

Pop 45.67
Vit 1.75

zFeeder is a simple, customizable, RSS feed reader (aggregator) to integrate news from syndication pages on your Website, wapsite, or intranet. It can be integrated with other CMS or weblog management systems and is template driven. It supports all versions of RSS (0.9, 0.9x, 1.0 and 2. 0). It caches XML files, and features an administration panel, the ability to import/export OPML subscriptions lists, online/offline refreshing of feeds via a browser or cron, and multiple categories.

Download No website Updated 07 Sep 2001 zOpen Directory

Pop 19.97
Vit 68.18

zOpen Directory lets a Web site developer integrate all of the content of the Open Directory Project (ODP, Dmoz.org) into a Zope website. Since zOpen Directory works by downloading and parsing data from Dmoz.org only when such data is needed, there is no need to download the entire database. The tool is conveniently internationalized, and it features automatic language detection and the ability to run different versions in bilingual or multilingual Web sites. Currently supported languages include English, Basque, Spanish, French, Dutch, Catalan, German, and Italian.

No download Website Updated 29 Jun 2006 zen Platform

Pop 59.37
Vit 2.21

The zen Platform is a Java development environment for J2SE/J2EE. It eases and accelerates the Java application development by visual methods (RAD). Complete applications can be modelled in an intuitive fashion without the need for technical expertise. The complexity of Java and J2EE programming is tremendously hidden - reducing the learning curve for Java novices. Java experts are by no means restricted - they may apply their knowledge without limitations. Application flexibility is a core feature of the platform, which is delivered as an Eclipse plugin.

Download Website Updated 29 Jun 2011 zipdy

Pop 13.75
Vit 1.00

Zipdy is a program for calculating the distance between two zip codes and finding all the records in a RDBMS with a zip code within a given distance from another zip code. It runs with GIS data from the US Census.

Download Website Updated 06 Jan 2013 ziproxy

Pop 212.57
Vit 20.99

Ziproxy is a high-performance forwarding (non-caching) HTTP proxy that gzips text and HTML files, and reduces the size of images by converting them to lower quality JPEGs or JPEG 2000. It is intended to increase the speed for low-speed Internet connections (mobile, dial-up, other). It's suitable for both home and professional usage. Ziproxy is fully configurable and also features transparent proxy mode, HTML/JS/CSS optimization, operation in daemon mode, a detailed access log with compression statistics, basic authentication, and more.

Download Website Updated 13 Jun 2002 zoneadm

Pop 47.12
Vit 1.43

Zoneadm is a CGI application to allow a DNS hosting site to delegate simple zone change privileges to remote users via a web interface. It allows a remote user the ability to make A, CNAME, PTR, and MX record changes to a zone that the DNS site administrator has given them permission to modify. It does some sanity checking on the information entered by the user, but it may not be foolproof and assumes some knowledge of DNS resource records by the users.

No download Website Updated 20 Jul 2004 zphoto

Pop 128.15
Vit 3.66

zphoto is a Web/Flash-based zooming photo album generator.

Download Website Updated 20 Sep 2010 zsync

Pop 137.83
Vit 8.53

zsync is a implementation of rsync over HTTP. It allows updating of files from a remote Web server without requiring a full download or a special remote server application. It uses a metafile, which is created on the server, to determine which parts of a file the user already has; it then downloads the remaining parts via HTTP. No special server or Web server module is needed. It also works with gzip files, and content on the server can be compressed to further reduce download times.


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A network IDS and IPS engine.


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Base85 encoding and decoding for Node.js.