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No download Website Updated 13 Jan 2006 picinfo

Pop 14.49
Vit 1.00

libpicinfo is a C++ library for reading auxiliary information (EXIF tags) from images. It currently supports TIFF, JPEG, and Canon RAW files (CR2).

Download Website Updated 26 Jan 2006 WWW L-System Explorer

Pop 18.57
Vit 1.41

WWW L-System Explorer is fancy tool for exploring L-S based fractals in your browser while computing takes place on a Web server. A rich command set is provided, along with several examples.

Download Website Updated 06 Aug 2008 CDnavigator

Pop 44.99
Vit 3.97

CDnavigator is an application that files your CDs and DVDs in a database. It also deposits information about photos (JPEG), music (MP3), and films stored in such media. You can also store other metadata such as notes and ratings. You can search over all items and save the choices. CDnavigator supports an automatic cache that saves the most frequently used data on hard disk. Photos can be viewed directly in the application. It can download new photos from a camera, sort them into albums, and prepare them for burning on CD.

Download Website Updated 30 Oct 2006 Yoltia

Pop 42.47
Vit 3.32

Yoltia is a computer program for editing image files. It provides the functionality to do simple changes to a large number of pictures quickly and very comfortably and exactly. It can rotate pictures with 0.5 degree accuracy, manipulate the RGB and HSV values, and perform inverting, mirroring, resizing, cutting, stretching, and color depth conversion with different dithers. It provides many user orientated zoom modes, a multi-document interface, a simple automation/macro feature, and much more.

Download Website Updated 02 Mar 2006 VIIM

Pop 15.03
Vit 1.42

VIIM (Very Incomplete Image Manager) it is an simple image browser with support for IPTC and EXIF metadata.

Download Website Updated 26 Jun 2007 gimmage

Pop 28.00
Vit 3.64

Gimmage is a simple image viewer that aims to have a minimalist interface and tries to be keyboard operable for browsing through a large number of images quickly. It is appropriate for command line usage as it accepts directories and image filenames as arguments. It has an in-application file browser that allows users to select and drag images and directories into the image viewing area in order to have them displayed.

Download Website Updated 11 Oct 2006 GPixPod

Pop 57.46
Vit 4.17

GPixPod is an application for uploading and organizing photos and photo albums on recent Apple iPod models.

No download Website Updated 26 Jan 2013 mxGraph

Pop 465.87
Vit 32.22

mxGraph is a JavaScript library that uses built-in browser capabilities to provide an interactive drawing and diagramming solution. Target applications are Web based applications that require workflow/BPM, diagram, network, or general graph editing to be available in-place on a Web page.

Download Website Updated 19 Jun 2007 Photovault

Pop 40.89
Vit 3.27

Photovault is an image archiving and organization application for photographers. It supports easy searching, annotation, and organization of images, as well as simple image processing operations like cropping and free rotation.

Download Website Updated 24 Mar 2006 Photo Directory

Pop 16.34
Vit 1.00

PhotoDirectory is a cross-platform application to organize digital photos. Great effort has been given to keeping these pictures in an order accessible without the need for any organization software; no databases are required.


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A backend for the Core Five file manager.


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Android Overflow

A game where two players try to conquer all of each other's stones.