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Download No website Updated 23 Aug 1999 CDDBD.sh

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CDDBD.sh is a shellscript speaking the CDDB Protocol version 1 without enhancements and read only. CDDBD.sh allows to query a local database on a filesystem that was filled with entries using such programs like xmcd or kscd. CDDBD.sh was developed to be used in a local or home network and not to serve a WAN.

Download No website Updated 09 Aug 1999 TkMult

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TkMult is a generic frontend that can be configured to work with any command line based program, such as tar or rpm. The default installation comes with a configuration file for use with tar

Download Website Updated 24 Jul 1999 uCON

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uCON is the unix port of the flexible and well-known SNES/Genesis ROM editing/conversion tool. This utility converts between the various ROM formats, performs IPS and baseline patches, as well as NTSC/PAL/slowROM fixes. uCON-unix is open source and portable.

Download Website Updated 24 Jun 1999 Weeder

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Weeder is a utility which takes fingerprints (crc and length) of files. Once a fingerprint is taken it can display or delete duplicates in vast amounts of files. Usually this applies to the maintenance of collections of pictures or archives. It serves as well for integrity checking purposes. Weeder is designed to be unlimited in the number of files processed and for speed.

Download No website Updated 16 Jun 1999 Lucifer

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Lucifer is a burn-in program suppoering Linux and DOS. It tests RAM, hard disks, processors, and floating-point processors by running stress tests to ensure that the hardware is not likely to have trouble as it ages. Lucifer should be portable, although it is only tested with Linux and DOS.

Download Website Updated 24 May 1999 kde2wm

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Many of us are using a "light" windows manager, as WindowMaker, while using the KDE tools, because they're great. The trouble is, the links in the KDE menu can't be used in the WindowMaker menu (or AfterStep, Fvwm...). So you may find it not easy to have KDE tools in the WindowMaker menu. This Perl script solves this problem: it "translates" the KDE-style links into links in wmconfig-style, used by WindowMaker and many other window managers.

Download Website Updated 12 Apr 1999 shstat

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SHSTAT is like the stat command and the stat() function except that it's designed for use in shell scripts. The tar.gz file contains a single C source file and a man page. A partial alternative to shstat is GNU find via its printf argument.

Download Website Updated 24 Jun 1998 NetPipes

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The netpipes package makes TCP/IP streams usable in shell scripts. It can also simplify client/server code by allowing the programmer to skip all the tedious programming bits related to sockets and concentrate on writing a filter/service. <P>Applications of these utilities can include file transfer, network backups, HTTP queries, remote procedure calls, and TCP daemon testing. <P>The SSL encryption filter available in the US/Canada version can be applied by shell scripts communicating with secure HTTPDs and can be used to make an SSL IMAPD out of a non-SSL one. (requires the SSLeay library).

No download Website Updated 05 Jun 1998 PPP-Setup

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PPP-Setup is a small utility that writes up chatscripts and options based on very simple questions that you either know or can find out with a quick call to your ISP. There are 2 versions: one for normal non-PAP logins, and the other for PAP logins. The PAP version works for any ISP that works with Windows 95's dial up networking.


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Dada Mail

A simple, Web-based mailing list manager.


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XML Configuration File Editor

A Web service to edit an XML configuration file.