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Download Website Updated 05 Jun 2009 xlocate

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Vit 1.59

XLocate greatly extends the usability of standard Linux slocate or GNU locate utilities. It allows for instant search of fixed strings or regexps in file names from local and remote, mounted or unmounted filesystems, as well as any number of memory sticks, removable drives, CD-ROMs, and data DVDs. It compiles natively on Qt4 and Qt3, without Qt3 compatibility required for the former.

Download Website Updated 28 Apr 2003 xmdb

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Vit 1.00

xmdb is a collection of programs that calculate and display Mandelbrot sets using X11. This package includes sources for mcalc, xmdisp, and mxwd. mcalc does the calculations and writes a datafile. xmdisp reads the datafile and produces an X11 display that contains a fractal picture. mxwd reads the datafile and writes an X Window dump (xwd) format file which can be read by xwud and xpr.

Download Website Updated 18 Nov 2008 xmlBlaster

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Vit 11.49

XmlBlaster is XML based MOM (Message oriented Middleware) with a lot of features. It is a publish/subscribe and point-to-point MOM server which exchanges XML-encoded messages. Communication with the server is based on CORBA (using JacORB), RMI, XML-RPC, native socket, or a persistent HTTP plugin. Subscribers can use XPath expressions to filter the messages they wish to receive and add their own MIME-based filter plugins. C/C++, Java, Perl, Python, VisualBasic.net, C#, and PHP client demos are included in the xmlBlaster test suite, and Tcl and Python demo clients are scheduled. XmlBlaster also provides a browser callback framework, allowing browsers (Netscape, Mozilla, MSIE) to receive instant callbacks over a persistent http connection. A security plugin framework allows authentication/authorization in many ways. Currently there are LDAP- and passwd-based plugins available.

Download Website Updated 08 Nov 2005 xmlclitools

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Vit 3.74

xmlclitools provides four command-line tools for searching, modifying, and formating XML data. The tools are designed to work in conjunction with standard *nix utilities such as grep, sort, and shell scripts.

Download Website Updated 22 Nov 2002 xmlstack

Pop 15.20
Vit 1.00

xmlstack is an ELF binary decoding library that translates all potential executable callstacks for a given binary into XML. This allows for detailed external processing and easier optimization of applications by analyzing the flow of an application. Currently, it only supports x86 ELF binaries.

No download Website Updated 15 Jan 2009 xmltv2ical

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Vit 1.00

xmltv2ical is a tool to convert TV program guides in the XMLTV format into iCalendar format.

Download Website Updated 03 Jul 2005 xmmsctrl

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Vit 3.55

xmmsctrl is a small xmms control program, meant to bind keys in a window manager to control xmms in an efficient way. Commands can be customized with a shell script, e.g.: if xmmsctrl playing; then xmmsctrl pause; else xmmsctrl play; fi.

Download Website Updated 15 May 2006 xmonitors

Pop 19.13
Vit 1.42

xmonitors is a set of X11 tools which are similar to xload, but which monitor other aspects of system performance. The tools include monitors for network bandwidth, memory, and I/O bandwidth.

Download Website Updated 08 May 2007 xmootmap

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Vit 50.78

If a USB mouse is declared the core pointer, X won't come up without it, AllowMouseOpenFail notwithstanding. If it has SendCoreEvents set, xmodmap pointer = ... will no longer remap its buttons, as it only works on the primary pointer. xmootmap is a bare bones command line tool that lets you remap buttons on secondary pointers, and is aimed at laptop users with funky mice. Intended use is mostly from ~/.xinitrc.

Download Website Updated 10 Dec 2007 xpad

Pop 130.90
Vit 9.99

xpad is a paperless substitute for leaving sticky notes, index cards, or "post-it" notes all over your desk. It opens small text boxes on the X display so that notes can be written and then left to be read later.


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