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Download No website Updated 01 Nov 2011 screen-session

Pop 73.72
Vit 3.17

screen-session is a collection of tools for GNU Screen. It includes a session saver and a session manager, among others.

Download Website Updated 20 Jun 2011 gcp

Pop 79.55
Vit 2.23

gcp (Goffi's CoPier) is a command line file copying tool, loosely inspired by cp, but with high level functionality like a progress indicator, the ability to continue copying multiple files even when there is a problem with one of them, and the use of a journal to track successful copying. File names can be fixed to ensure compatibility with the target filesystem. If you launch a copy operation when another is already running, the files are added to the first queue to avoid hard drive thrashing. You can keep track of files you have copied, and re-copy them later. gcp is approximately option-compatible with cp.

No download No website Updated 07 Dec 2013 cindent

Pop 54.18
Vit 3.91

cindent is a fork of GNU indent with extensions. It is the version of "indent" used for ncurses, xterm, lynx, and other programs maintained by Thomas Dickey.

No download Website Updated 14 Sep 2011 NetConnect

Pop 48.71
Vit 1.63

NetConnect is a command line tool for automating the login process to routers, switches, or UNIX hosts and any intermediate devices or proxies in the path. It does this by using credentials supplied within a configuration file. It also allows users to run Perl based scripts on a single device or devices in parallel to automate tasks. Although it was originally designed around Cisco routers and switches, it can be extended to work with any CLI based device by specifying custom prompts that different devices use. It works well with Cisco routers and switches as the concepts around "enable" mode and the corresponding syntax of the prompt are contained within the source. Devices can be stored within your configuration file, so you are able to connect to devices using a portion of their name (using regular expressions) as opposed to having to remember IP addresses or full DNS names.

Download Website Updated 27 Oct 2010 daemon-manager

Pop 14.83
Vit 36.20

Daemon Manager allows non-root users to start and stop their own daemons. It is appropriate for running FastCGI servers, torrent servers, or any other daemon that isn’t meant to run in the root context. Daemon Manager will monitor processes and restart a daemon if it exits or crashes. Daemon Manager allows the system administrator to decide which users can launch daemons and what users they are allowed to launch daemons as. For instance, it is common to launch FastCGI servers as a different user ("www-data" on Debian or Ubuntu).

No download Website Updated 22 Jan 2011 perlver

Pop 13.27
Vit 1.00

perlver (Perl::MinimumVersion) takes Perl source code and calculates the minimum version of Perl required to be able to run it. Both explicit dependencies and implicit are shown.

Download Website Updated 29 Jan 2011 compressible

Pop 10.82
Vit 1.00

compressible is a command line utility to test whether compressing a given file with bzip2 is likely to result in space savings greater than a given threshold. It does bzip2 compression on samples taken from several locations in the file.

No download Website Updated 01 Feb 2011 leases2zone

Pop 14.76
Vit 34.85

leases2zone is a small program that parses dhcp.leases from dhcpd and spits out non-duplicate A records, sorted by least significant IP byte.

No download Website Updated 15 May 2012 Curses Command Front-end

Pop 98.82
Vit 3.59

CCFE is a simple tool to quickly supply an interactive screen-oriented interface to command line scripts and commands. It prompts users for the information needed to run the commands, and can be programmed with your preferred shell to provide predefined selections and run-time defaults. It also provides a menu system to hierarchically organize them and a viewer to browse the standard output and standard error of invoked scripts or commands.

Download Website Updated 21 Jan 2014 GTKMan

Pop 82.55
Vit 8.54

GTKMan is a simple manual page viewer. Manual pages are viewed by specifying their name and optionally the section they are in, just as with the original man command. The manual pages are displayed in simple text form using the default system monospace font.


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A simple console MP3 player.


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A scientific plotting package.