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Download Website Updated 12 Mar 2009 GNU Interactive Tools

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Vit 2.83

GNU Interactive Tools (GNUIT) is a set of interactive tools. It contains an extensible file system browser, an ASCII/hex file viewer, a process viewer/killer, and some other related utilities and shell scripts. It can be used to increase the speed and efficiency of most of the daily tasks such as copying and moving files and directories, invoking editors, compressing and uncompressing files, creating and expanding archives, compiling programs, sending mail, etc. It looks nice, has colors (if the standard ANSI color sequences are supported), and is user-friendly.

Download Website Updated 30 Jan 2001 GPI

Pop 26.55
Vit 1.00

With GPI you can develop ultra-rapidly a complete networked DB system (client and server size). It is naturally totally platform independant (Java 2), Locale independant (I18N), and may be easily made DB engine-independant.

Download Website Updated 26 Oct 2012 GPM

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Vit 16.72

GPM (General Purpose Mouse) is a mouse server for the console and xterm, with sample clients included (emacs, etc).

Download Website Updated 02 Nov 2002 gpppkill

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Vit 4.24

gpppkill is a program for Linux that ends a ppp connection if it doesn't receive a minimal amount of bytes during certain time. It shows a bar plot according to the amount of bytes received per second. All resident ppp daemons are recognized and gpppkill lets you choose which one to kill. It is written in C++ using the GTK+ toolkit.

Download Website Updated 28 Apr 2002 gPS

Pop 54.32
Vit 5.54

gPS (graphical Process Statistics) is a system information applet based on GTK+. It displays the processes of one or more computers (like ps or top), allows killing, renicing, and signal sending, shows lots of details on selected processes, shows CPU/Memory usage and history graphs, and is capable of watching networked computers in addition to the local one. It also provides an easy way to send signals to processes based on their owners (uid), groups (gid), and string matching.

No download Website Updated 16 Jun 2001 gpstrans

Pop 34.90
Vit 2.43

GPStrans is a program which allows track, route, and waypoint data to be transferred to and from a Garmin GPS. It also supports Mayko mXmap formats which enable you to create a route using your 'favorite' map and load the data into the GPS. Tracks retrieved from your Garmin GPS can be transferred back into your Mayko mXmap-capable application and replayed under Linux. Garmin 38, 40, 45XL, ..., 90, Etrex, and Etrex Summit models are supported. It also reads the current time, retrieves product data, and can turn the GPS off.

Download No website Updated 05 Apr 2001 grandfatherclock

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Vit 1.03

grandfatherclock plays audio files to report the time. The default configuration emulates a grandfather clock with Westminster chimes. Cuckoo clock and Close Encounters of the Third Kind files are included.

Download No website Updated 30 Jan 2001 dctrl-tools

Pop 34.73
Vit 2.30

Debian package information is generally stored in files having a special file format, dubbed the Debian control file format (dctrl), a special case of the record jar file format. These tools operate on any files conforming in a general sense to that format, and are therefore widely applicable whenever this format is in play. The tools in this bundle are grep-dctrl, sort-dctrl, join-dctrl, and tbl-dctrl.

Download Website Updated 22 Aug 2000 GRkbd

Pop 8.83
Vit 70.91

GRkbd is a small program that allows you to change your keyboard mapping in X-windows between English and Greek. It features quick and easy installation, small size, and ease of use.

Download Website Updated 15 Feb 2000 GTK-Figlet

Pop 9.90
Vit 72.23

GTK-Figlet is a front end for figlet.


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A professional Web Content Management System.


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A tool to conduct TCP performance analysis.