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Download Website Updated 12 Oct 2001 Epoch

Pop 11.40
Vit 67.92

Epoch is a very simple C program that displays seconds since the Epoch (Midnight, Jan 1, 1970). Use it on systems whose date(1) program does not support the "%s" option.

Download Website Updated 16 Oct 2001 MP3 Jukebox System

Pop 13.64
Vit 67.88

MJS is a console MP3 Jukebox System. It aims to be easy to use, especially on a dedicated mp3-player. It shows the file selector, playlist, and playback info windows at the same time. Searching and playlist saving/loading is also posible. The system is in use at our students'union bar and is designed to be used in a public place. A console screensaver that displays the current song and text of your choice is available. A `Hitlist'utility is also available.

No download Website Updated 20 Oct 2001 @1 Newscroller

Pop 14.07
Vit 67.86

@1 Newscroller is a Perl CGI script for managing the Javascripts scrolling news items. Comes with add, edit, delete, and properties admin control interface. Images in the scrollling news are supported.

No download Website Updated 24 Oct 2001 IDEload

Pop 14.00
Vit 67.83

IDEload monitors IDE controller IRQ activity and global disk activity. It shows different histograms (one per controller and one for global disk activity.

Download Website Updated 13 Nov 2001 StatFTime

Pop 15.03
Vit 67.68

StatFTime is a Linux commandline utility for looking up information about a file including its size, inode, and date last modified. Unlike similar tools like stat(1), statftime lets you format the results the way you would with the date(1) command.

Download Website Updated 14 Nov 2001 BEGET

Pop 12.73
Vit 67.67

BEGET is the first in a series of programs that allow for the access of all content data files, regardless of the system they were created on, or the digital file standard those systems use.

No download Website Updated 19 Nov 2001 @1 Word Publisher

Pop 20.69
Vit 67.64

@1 Word Publisher lets you edit multiple Web pages via an ordinary browser. Editable text section in a web page is defined using a tag pair (a START tag and an END tag). It also has a password-protected admin interface with view mode.

No download Website Updated 19 Nov 2001 Hierarchical Project Tree

Pop 22.80
Vit 67.63

Hierarchical Project Tree is designed to help break a project down into smaller and smaller chunks, allowing you to go into fine detail without losing sight of the big picture. This is particularly good for certain types of dyslexia.

Download Website Updated 05 Dec 2001 mailagent - automatic mail processing tool

Pop 12.25
Vit 67.52

mailagent uses lex-like rules to match messages and run rich set of commands. Mail can be stored in mailboxes, forwarded, piped through external applications, posted to newsgroups, checked for duplicates, annotated, or deleted. Headers can be pruned and digests burst. Additional commands can be written in Perl.

Download Website Updated 10 Dec 2001 uni-xml

Pop 23.37
Vit 67.48

Uni-XML is a project to replace standard Unix configuration files with XML. It also includes providing XML Schema files for the XML files, and XSLT stylesheets to convert the XML files to the configuration files.


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A pure HTML5/JavaScript VNC viewer.


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An Oracle archive log verification command line tool.