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Download Website Updated 12 Dec 2001 Multicast Netnews Transfer Protocol

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MCNTP is a proctocol and an implementation of that protocol to exchange NetNews articles between servers in a bandwidth-friendly way. The package contains the complete suite of tools and is ready to run with a news server that uses the classical spool concept (such as INN 1.x). As of 1.2, there is also support for the INN 2.x storage API.

Download Website Updated 21 Jun 2003 MyNewsGroups :)

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MyNewsGroups :) is a USENET news client with a completely Web-based interface. It is written in PHP4, and uses a database backend. Its main purpose is to mirror all messages from subcribed public newsgroups into a database, and add extra features such as saving articles per user, statistics on users, search functions, and so on. MyNewsGroups :) is aimed at people that have a Web site and want offer their users direct access to newsgroups of same subject.

Download Website Updated 27 May 2004 NAF

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NAF is a set of administration programs for users, newsgroups, and access control lists accompanying a patched version of the INN news server with ACL support.

Download Website Updated 30 Nov 2004 NNTPSwitch

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NNTPSwitch is a Linux NNTP content router. It's aimed at high-performance news servers for ISPs and Usenet resellers. NNTPSwitch forwards client connections to multiple backend servers to get its actual articles. Depending on the backend server type, all NNTP commands and extensions are supported, including (remote) authorization. Accounting is supported in a user-friendly matter for data limited NNTP connections.

Download Website Updated 04 Sep 2002 NNTPobjects

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NNTPobjects is a collection of C++ classes for easily creating simple or advanced NNTP clients. It enables novice and advanced C++ programmers to quickly write small utilities, or even full-featured NNTP clients.

Download Website Updated 18 Mar 2004 NNTPspider

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NNTPspider searches for freely accessible NNTP servers (free news servers) by using information from the message headers. This search starts with at least one default newsserver that you can access, usually the one at your ISP. It reads the Path: lines in the headers in order to find more news servers. All the servers that are found are checked for public access and queried for a list of supplied newsgroups. This results in a quite complete list of all news servers currently availiable.

No download Website Updated 04 Jun 2005 NZB generator

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NZB generator allows everyone to start an NNTP indexing service (like binsearch.info) with the NZB document format. It comes with a Web interface in which you can search for binaries that you indexed.

Download Website Updated 17 Jun 2006 Net_NNTP

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Net_NNTP is a PHP/PEAR library for communication with NNTP servers. Net_NNTP handles connection and protocol-level commands (RFC977), including many non-standard commands (RFC2980), via a user-friendly API which hides the actual NNTP commands/syntax. Some knowledge about NNTP and general knowledge about email and MIME is required, since parsing of content and headers is left up to the user. Net_NNTP allows advanced users direct usage of NNTP commands via the separate protocol implementation. Net_NNTP includes a fully-functional NNTP to HTML gateway demo application.

Download Website Updated 24 Feb 2008 Netscape Communicator

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Netscape Communicator is the all-in-one web browser and communications suite that makes it easy to send Internet email, read newsgroups, create web pages, and browse the World Wide Web.

Download Website Updated 08 Mar 2006 Newega

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Newega is a Usenet reader with a Web-based interface. It's a stand-alone program (no Web or database server needed), is cross-platform, and has support for themes using HTML templates.


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A sophisticated command line based file transfer program.


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A client for the pump.io social network.