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No download Website Updated 15 Jun 2010 Piggy Market Squeak

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Vit 3.71

Piggy Market Squeak is an easy-to-use alert system for detecting trends in financial stocks and shares quotations based on technical analysis. It comes with a user-friendly graphical user interface and an email alerts system. It can highlight and sort and buy and sell signals from diverse market places or personal portfolios. It is versatile and can easily integrate new markets jnd indicators. Piggy Market Squeak can be seen as an out-of-the-box technical analysis tool.

No download Website Updated 12 May 2008 bashgal

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Vit 1.00

bashgal is simple bash shell script which generates HTML thumbnail galleries using the "convert" and "jhead" command-line utilities. It does not need to run a server-side script to view image galleries because everything is pre-rendered. The fixed-height thumbnails fill the entire browser efficiently. Multiple image sizes can be switched between by the user at any time (and remembered, without cookies or JavaScript). Thumbnails are "sprited" using CSS to produce fewer server round trips and overall smaller data transfer. Vertical images are auto-rotated and EXIF data is extracted from JPEG headers.

No download Website Updated 08 Mar 2010 pipestatus

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Vit 1.60

pipestatus is a source file for UNIX/POSIX shells that provides set of functions for obtaining the exit status of every program in a pipe without using non-portable extensions. Most shells, such as BSD /bin/sh, ksh, pdksh, ash, bash, dash, mksh, and zsh are supported.

Download Website Updated 23 Nov 2010 surma

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Vit 1.00

surma stands for Samba user manager. It is a very simple and tiny CGI script that provides a Web interface for changing Samba passwords stored in an smbpasswd file. Originally, surma was designed for ALT Linux distributions.

Download Website Updated 04 Apr 2012 additemtodock

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Vit 1.00

additemtodock is command line utility for adding items to the dock. It is aimed at system administrators.

Download Website Updated 03 Sep 2009 mylbhelper

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Vit 1.95

mylbhelper helps dumb load balancers do their job. It monitors a local MySQL instance by periodically issuing a query. Should the query fail, a custom script, which typically would firewall off the load balancer, is executed. Likewise, when it comes back up, another script is executed. This means you can use any load balancer capable of distributing TCP traffic rather than one natively capable of talking MySQL. mylbhelper can also act solely as a monitoring daemon.

No download No website Updated 06 Sep 2009 Nemonico

Pop 29.05
Vit 1.59

Nemonico is a Slackware installer that features the ability to make the partitions used for installation encrypted with LUKS (all partitions except /boot). Other packages are provided for the correct functioning of the system.

No download Website Updated 09 Jun 2008 Teractualizar

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Vit 46.70

Teractualizar is a daemon to synchronize files using SFTP as a secure transfer method. It also features the ability to upload and execute any application or command, which can be used to manage clusters of computers. It requires only baaic Unix commands, an SSH client, and the SFTP service. Currently, the client side of this system only runs on Windows NT (and derivative operating systems).

Download Website Updated 23 Dec 2009 Urpkg

Pop 32.09
Vit 3.40

Urpkg is software to install programs in a safe and undoable way. It is able to see what files any given installation command creates, and list and remove them. You are able to restrict the installation command so that it only writes where you allow it to, and does not overwrite files from other packages. Urpkg is especially useful if you want to install programs from source, or create binary packages in an automated way. Under the hood, urpkg creates a user for each package it has to install, which prevents the installation command from run with root privileges. It can be seen as a "command tracer" that remembers what files a command created and prevents it from doing forbidden things. It is written in C but relies on some external commands, like GNU Find.

Download Website Updated 12 Jun 2008 step-shell

Pop 20.62
Vit 1.42

step-shell is a minimalistic shell script debugging tool that allows a script to be run line by line, step by step. The original name was step, but it was been renamed to be more explicit.


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A SCXML to C++ compiler.


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