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Download Website Updated 03 Nov 2004 GTK ACX Tool

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Vit 1.00

The GTK ACX Tool displays the status of the Texas Instruments (TI) ACX100 IEEE 802.11 driver. This tool could be used just with driver developed by wlan.kewl.org Project on FreeBSD 5.2 and later versions. It uses GTK+ and GtkDatabox (a GTK+ widget for fast data display). The ACX driver can be installed via the ports collection.

Download Website Updated 18 Dec 2010 GUIShell

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Vit 12.79

The GUIShell project is a collection of utilities facilitating the use of the GTK+ toolkit in shell scripts through the gtkshell utility. The ACE configuration environment provides sample scripts utilizing gtkshell for desktop utilities. rootcat provides the ability to display messages to the root window using Xft, allowing one to write status display scripts.

Download Website Updated 07 May 2013 Gameclock

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Vit 2.54

Gameclock is a fairly simple application designed to track the time spent thinking by the players during a chess game. Various clock engines are available (speed chess, fisher chess, board games, or hourglass). The graphical interface is keyboard-driven and is intended to be minimal and simple. The code is made to be extensible to other game types.

Download Website Updated 07 Apr 2006 Garidio

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Vit 1.00

Garidio is an application that allows users on a network to share the contents of their desktop clipboards with each other. It has been successfully tested on Mac OS X (Tiger), Windows XP (SP2), and Linux (Slackware, SuSE, and Ubuntu), but it should work fine on any system with a working JVM for Java 1.5.

No download Website Updated 30 Sep 2012 Geiser

Pop 44.38
Vit 4.02

Geiser is a generic Emacs/Scheme interaction mode, featuring an enhanced REPL and a set of minor modes that improve Emacs' basic major mode for Scheme. The main features provided are evaluation of forms in the namespace of the current module, macro expansion, loading of files and modules, namespace-aware identifier completion, automatic documentation, jumping to the definition of an identifier, access to documentation, listings of identifiers exported by a given module, and rudimentary support for debugging. Geiser supports Guile and Racket.

Download No website Updated 10 Dec 2004 General Graphical User Interface

Pop 52.99
Vit 1.42

General Graphics User Interface is an effort to produce a common graphical user interface for any command line program. It uses a wizard-like input front end to collect the information needed. It then calls the desired program automatically with all the necessary options. The user is able to point and click on various options and select them in a convenient way. In order to create a new user interface, a user doesn't need to know a programming language, since there is a graphical editor for new GGUI "scripts".

No download Website Updated 09 Aug 2012 GiftedMotion

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Vit 8.68

GiftedMotion is a small and easy-to-use GIF animator. If you need a simple way to turn a series of still images into an animation to be displayed on a Web page without the hassle of learning how to use a full-blown graphics suite, then GiftedMotion is probably the tool for you.

No download Website Updated 23 Jan 2009 Gigaslax

Pop 8.49
Vit 44.19

Gigaslax is a full featured operating system based on the Slax Linux distribution. Like Slax, Gigaslax is optimized to run on a flash drive without the need for a hard drive of any sort. Slax is designed to be modular, allowing it to serve many purposes. It is meant to be a "do everything" computing environment.

Download Website Updated 06 Apr 2010 Glossword

Pop 137.06
Vit 7.18

Glossword is a system to publish dictionaries, glossaries, and encyclopedias. It features an installation wizard, support for multiple languages, visual themes, multi-domain installation, an administrative interface with multi-user support, built-in search and cache engines, the ability to export/import dictionaries in XML format, and W3C-validated code. Glossword is useful for any sort of dictionary-like content, including sites with game cheat codes, online translators, references, and various kinds of CMS solutions.

Download Website Updated 23 May 2005 GoFun

Pop 52.31
Vit 2.05

GoFun is an implementation of the Desktop Entry Specification found at freedesktop.org. It manages Icons that represent applications, links, and devices. So it is a desktop itself and can be used to start regularly needed applications and maintenance tasks. It is more than an application launcher, since it has many multimedia features and allows you to have a personalized desktop.


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