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Download Website Updated 18 Oct 2010 cbrPager

Pop 61.41
Vit 7.12

cbrPager is a no-nonsense, simple to use, small viewer for CBR, CBZ, and CB7 (comic book archive) files. It views JPG, GIF, and PNG images, and you can zoom in, out, and fit-to-window. Viewing can be in 1- or 2-page mode. Navigation is possible by mouse or keyboard.

Download Website Updated 04 Mar 2005 Clonch

Pop 29.66
Vit 2.04

Clonch is a little keyboard-centric desktop utility for Mac OS X that makes launching applications quick and easy.

Download Website Updated 27 Nov 2006 FOX Desktop

Pop 42.99
Vit 3.40

FOX Desktop is a lightweight desktop environment based on the FOX Toolkit. It includes various tools and programs to make life easier. It includes a desktop and taskbar.

Download Website Updated 26 Aug 2012 DirSync Pro

Pop 202.91
Vit 11.22

DirSync Pro is a powerful, easy-to-configure tool to synchronize the contents of one directory with another. It can compare files by various attributes, such as size or modified-date. It can synchronize an unlimited number of directories, and has a detailed logging function.

No download Website Updated 01 Dec 2004 The Little Launcher

Pop 16.00
Vit 1.42

The Little Launcher is an application launcher. When you run it, a small window will appear, in which you can write the name of your application and some parameters to make it run. It is modeled after SlickRun (http://www.bayden.com/SlickRun), but runs on various platforms and does not stay in memory.

Download Website Updated 14 Oct 2004 blah

Pop 10.58
Vit 1.00

blah allows you to store frequently used text in a menu interface. When an item is selected from the menu the corresponding text is automatically placed into the clipboard. You can then use the paste feature in another application to transfer the text.

Download Website Updated 21 Dec 2006 fbxkb

Pop 20.69
Vit 2.27

fbxkb is keyboard indicator and switcher that shows a flag of the current keyboard in a system tray area and allows you to switch to another one. It is NETWM compliant.

Download No website Updated 18 May 2005 orbitclock

Pop 30.05
Vit 2.06

orbitclock displays a small circular representation of a clock in a pseudo-Star-Trek style.

Download Website Updated 19 Jul 2008 keyTouch

Pop 131.76
Vit 8.49

keyTouch makes it possible to easily configure the extra function keys of a keyboard (like multimedia keys). It allows the user to define which program will be executed when a key is pressed.

Download Website Updated 20 Oct 2004 JExec

Pop 33.70
Vit 1.00

JExec is a miniature GUI command-line that can save a lot of typing and clicking. User input is matched against a set of rules (regular expressions) and an appropriate action is taken. For example, the user can define that "john, doe" is looked up in an online phone directory and "www.foo.com" is opened in a browser, while "s foo.com" opens an ssh session. For special cases, JExec can be extended with custom Java classes. It provides Bash-like history and a graphical rule editor.


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A Swiss Army Knife for inventory management.


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A LZMA lossless data compressor.