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Download No website Updated 22 Apr 2006 X10MMS

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X10MMS is a software suite that provides support for the X10 CM19A USB home automation transceiver under Linux. It allows users to control the device directly, sending and receiving basic on/off commands, and also includes a sample application that allows XMMS to be remotely controlled using the CM19A transceiver and an X10 palmpad remote. The current CM19A driver is implemented as a kernel module and requires an up-to-date 2.6.x kernel. The program is completely user configurable via a straightforward text file, so you can assign any supported function to any toggle key on the remote.

Download No website Updated 30 Mar 2009 Rudix

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Rudix features a world class collection of pre-compiled and ready to use Unix compatible software that is not available from a fresh installation of Mac OS X but is popular in other Unix environments. It includes utilities, programming languages, libraries and tools delivered as standard Mac OS X packages. It provides for system administrators and developers a powerful and easy to customize port system where you can retrieve, compile, and build native Mac OS X software for public distribution (both .pkg and .dmg).

Download Website Updated 23 Sep 2007 Xfce 4 Mount Plugin

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Xfce 4 mount plugin is a plugin for the Xfce 4 panel allowing you to mount devices and have them opened in a file manager afterwards.

Download Website Updated 11 Oct 2005 xexec

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xexec is a client/server system to locate a program via the X11 protocol and spawn it. It is useful for loading the Web browser on your machine from a program run on a remote host.

Download No website Updated 14 Oct 2005 nobel

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nobel is a small ANSI C boolean expression parsing library and program for projects that need boolean expression parsing support built in, but bigger tools are overkill in size or options.

No download Website Updated 19 Oct 2005 Desktility

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Desktility is designed to make life easier on Mac users. Most Mac users tend to keep icons on the desktop. Mac OS X will occasionally move them around for various reasons, from changing monitor resolutions, running certain apps, or rebooting. Desktility resolves this problem by automatically resetting the icons back to their home positions, saving you from the tedious task of reorganizing them. It can also save and restore your app's window positions.

Download Website Updated 30 Oct 2005 contraccions

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contraccions validates word contractions in the Catalan language. Word contractions in Catalan spelling are very complex and the function enclosed in this package allows a spellchecker to warn about wrong expressions and to suggest something to correct them. It returns a code to indicate the type of the error and the location of the error in the expression, and allows a spellchecker to perform incremental validation.

Download Website Updated 19 Jan 2007 IconsPlus

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Vit 1.87

IconsPlus is a system preference panel which can set your favorite icons for any applications on your device. The icon will be changed globally for any third-party application or launcher. IconsPlus stores icons in its own iconpack format and supports icon storage formats of two popular launchers (ZLauncher and SilverScreen), which gives you a wide range of choices. It requires Palm OS 5.0 or later.

No download Website Updated 18 Jul 2006 Mobile Device Information

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The Mobile Device Information project is a Java Swing application that provides desktop interface access to the WURFL (Wireless Universal Resource FiLe). The WURFL contains information about the capabilities of a huge number of wireless devices. The Mobile Device Information project allows users to search for individual devices, or devices that meet certain criteria, e.g. "Which Nokia phones are MIDP-2.0 enabled and support at least 65536 colours?"

Download Website Updated 06 Apr 2007 iStream

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iStream is a simple GNOME panel applet that lets you play Internet radio streams and local files. It uses Gstreamer for playback.


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A Swiss Army Knife for inventory management.


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A LZMA lossless data compressor.