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Download Website Updated 03 Jul 2004 Automatous Monk

Pop 66.62
Vit 2.50

Automatous Monk is an application that maps cellular automaton evolutions into music. The resulting music is represented as jMusic scores that can be played and saved as MIDI files. A real-time version is also available.

Download Website Updated 04 Sep 2005 Generate Background

Pop 28.35
Vit 1.87

Generate Background is a random wallpaper selector that chooses wallpapers from a directory. It is useful for changing wallpapers automatically each time X is restarted.

No download Website Updated 04 May 2004 Surftree

Pop 49.60
Vit 1.00

Surftree is an applet that displays data organized in a spreadsheet as an expandable tree on a Web page. The tree can be 9 levels deep and have over 65,000 nodes. Each node can display up to 4 independent Web pages or JPG images. It works with Java 1.0 and 1.1+ and in any Web server environment.

Download Website Updated 30 Jul 2004 ClieSkinner

Pop 9.70
Vit 1.00

ClieSkinner is an instant virtual graffiti and status bar skin loader for NR, NX, NZ, TH, and UX model Clies. It features instant loading, 16-bit skin support, cross-device loading, memory stick support, and 16-bit Jeff Frankus "Layered Metals" skins.

Download Website Updated 20 Jun 2010 color wrapper

Pop 225.25
Vit 6.31

cw is a non-intrusive real-time ANSI color wrapper for common Unix-based commands. It is designed to simulate the environment of the commands being executed, so that if a person types 'du', 'df', 'ping', etc. in their shell it will automatically color the output in real-time according to a definition file containing the color format desired. It has support for wildcard match coloring, tokenized coloring, headers/footers, case scenario coloring, command-line- dependent definition coloring, and includes over 50 pre- made definition files.

Download Website Updated 03 Nov 2004 mySkin

Pop 15.49
Vit 1.43

mySkin (formerly SkinDIA!) is an instant DIA skin loader and manager for the Palm Tungsten T3, T5, LifeDrive, and TX. Among many other features, it lets you load T3 skins on the T5, LifeDrive, and TX, insert photos into skins (not on the T3), mix and colorize elements of skins, etc.

Download Website Updated 04 May 2007 JBuzzer

Pop 69.28
Vit 2.35

JBuzzer is an application that allows the user to map audio samples to a computer keyboard. Currently, MPEG layer 3 (MP3) and PCM (wav) samples are supported.

No download Website Updated 12 Sep 2004 Pyramba

Pop 26.94
Vit 1.00

Pyramba is a clone of Karamba using PyKDE. It makes your desktop interactive by showing system status information: CPU usage, MP3 playing, and free memory.

Download Website Updated 18 Jul 2009 Webmatic flashlets

Pop 55.64
Vit 4.10

Webmatic flashlets is a collection of various real-time flash graphical effects, menus, and transition effects for your Website (rain, snow, fade, zoom, beams, lightning, and more). You can customize your flash effects with an easy to use HTML code generator. You can personalize your flashlets with various additional special text effects. With the flashlets menu series, you can create customizable (buttons-based) flash menus. You can create various kind of flash menus (there are 9 predefined flash buttons, with more coming soon) and vertical, horizontal, or tabular menus. Its also possible to combine different kind of flash buttons in the same menu.

Download Website Updated 18 Oct 2010 cbrPager

Pop 61.41
Vit 7.12

cbrPager is a no-nonsense, simple to use, small viewer for CBR, CBZ, and CB7 (comic book archive) files. It views JPG, GIF, and PNG images, and you can zoom in, out, and fit-to-window. Viewing can be in 1- or 2-page mode. Navigation is possible by mouse or keyboard.


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A minimalist news reader.


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An administration tool for DNS, LDAP, PostgreSQL, and more.