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Download Website Updated 19 Jul 2002 Amazon PHP API

Pop 117.92
Vit 65.82

The Amazon PHP API allows you to use PHP to access Amazon's catalogs.

Download Website Updated 18 Nov 2006 HTML_ToPDF

Pop 162.25
Vit 3.54

HTML_ToPDF takes the hassle out of generating a PDF file from a Web page. It will convert any HTML document into a format that will look the same on any platform and printer. It includes support for converting images, using the stylesheets to customize the look of the PDF file, and error handling.

Download No website Updated 29 Nov 2002 Net::Dict

Pop 16.00
Vit 1.75

Net::Dict provides a simple API to the DICT protocol. It handles all network-related issues and provides DICT responses in PHP datatypes to make it easy for a developer to use DICT servers in programs.

Download Website Updated 10 Oct 2002 Universe PHP extension

Pop 22.45
Vit 1.00

Universe is an extension to PHP to allow CORBA access from PHP scripts. It uses MICO as an ORB. Universe replaces the previous PHP extension Satellite that used ORBit as ORB.

Download No website Updated 02 Jul 2003 DB_QueryTool

Pop 17.49
Vit 1.76

DB_QueryTool is an object oriented abstraction for the SQL query language. It includes methods for limiting, ordering, grouping, and joining to easily build queries, and features a simple interface that interacts nicely with HTML forms using arrays that contain column data.

Download Website Updated 11 Mar 2003 PEAR::I18N

Pop 25.10
Vit 1.42

The PEAR::I18N class allows PHP applications to support localization. It implements multiple methods of supporting translations and determining the appropriate locale based on the user and their browser. Localization of numbers, dates, times, and currency are supported.

Download Website Updated 01 Jun 2005 Contact_Vcard_Parse

Pop 36.66
Vit 2.23

Contact_Vcard_Parse is a PHP class that allows you to parse vCard files and text blocks, and get back an array of the elements of each vCard in the file or text.

Download Website Updated 01 Jun 2005 Contact_Vcard_Build

Pop 33.88
Vit 1.57

Contact_Vcard_Build is a PHP class to build and fetch vCards (versions 2.1 and 3.0).

No download Website Updated 12 Apr 2005 iWare

Pop 90.07
Vit 3.11

iWare is a Web-based Content Management System designed to make creating a professional Web presence easy without the associated hassles of learning to program or master a third-party application. Setup is made easy through an intuitive installation script and installation guide. Changes to the site's content are made in realtime through an easy-to-use browser-based control panel. The visual appearance and layout properties can be changed instantly at a global level by selecting from pre-installed skins. Uploading and managing files is done through a browser-based file management utility.

Download Website Updated 14 Jul 2003 Simple Power SQLite class

Pop 20.40
Vit 1.42

SPSQLite class is a class in PHP for easy SQLite operation. With it you can create databases, connect to an SQLite database, send a query, or make simple transactions.


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A minimalist news reader.


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An administration tool for DNS, LDAP, PostgreSQL, and more.