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Download Website Updated 18 Apr 2006 docbook2X

Pop 81.59
Vit 4.88

docbook2X converts DocBook documents to man pages and Texinfo.

Download Website Updated 28 Dec 1999 Drunkifier

Pop 15.75
Vit 72.70

Drunkifier takes input from the keyboard, a pipe or a form on a webpage and translates the text into drunken text.

No download Website Updated 02 Dec 2002 DSD

Pop 60.35
Vit 1.95

Document Structure Description (DSD) is a simple but expressive grammar notation for XML documents. This new XML schema language is result of a research collaboration between AT&T Labs, NJ and BRICS at the University of Aarhus, Denmark. The technology is based on general and familiar concepts that allow much stronger document descriptions than possible with DTDs or XML schemas.

Download Website Updated 03 Jun 2005 DSML Tools

Pop 106.13
Vit 2.73

DSML is the Directory Services Markup Language, an XML dialect for working with directory information. The DSML Tools provide for the querying of any LDAP directory (with search results output as DSML), the importing of DSML data into any LDAP directory, the directory-context validation of DSML (checking for illegal attributes in the entries, etc.), and the calculation of the differences (for a directory) between two DSML documents to provide an XML Diff algorithm for DSML data. This software makes all LDAP-supporting directories DSML-enabled. It can also check the integrity of DSML data, and show at a glance how two data sets, represented as DSML, differ.

Download Website Updated 30 Jan 2001 dtd2latex

Pop 23.37
Vit 1.44

dtd2latex is a quick hack which converts a commented XML DTD into LaTeX source for printing.

Download Website Updated 05 Sep 2002 Duh DRAW

Pop 52.22
Vit 3.24

DuhDraw is a program which almost perfectly simulates TheDraw for DOS. Back in the good old BBSing days, TheDraw was a program used by a SysOp in order to draw ANSI screens, the only graphics available on BBSes for quite a while. However, for a long time, nobody considered Linux, as Linux BBSes were uncommon. Other applications of the software include login screens, and mud screens. I always thought it ironic that MUDs were mostly run off of Unix machines, and yet they used DOS editors to generate the ANSI screens.

Download Website Updated 30 Jan 2001 dvipdfm

Pop 18.89
Vit 2.08

Dvipdfm is a DVI to PDF translator. Its features include TeX \special's that approximate the functionality of the PostScript pdfmarks used by Adobe Acrobat Distiller, the ability to include PDF files and JPEG files as embedded images, support for both Type1 and PK fonts, support for arbitrary linear graphics transformations, a color stack accessible via \special's, partial font embedding and stream compression for reduced output file size, native, portable graphics via TPIC \specials, balanced page and destination trees for improved reader access on very large document files.

Download Website Updated 15 Oct 2005 Elvis

Pop 106.00
Vit 3.31

Elvis is a clone of vi/ex, the standard UNIX editor. Elvis supports nearly all of the vi/ex commands, in both visual mode and ex mode. Elvis adds support for multiple files, multiple windows, a variety of display modes including "hex" and "html", on-line help, WYSIWYG printing, and other miscellaneous extensions.

Download Website Updated 01 Nov 2003 enscript

Pop 82.79
Vit 1.74

GNU enscript is a free replacement for Adobe's enscript program. Enscript converts ASCII files to PostScript and spools the generated PostScript output to the specified printer or leaves it to file. Besides the standard ASCII to PostScript conversion, GNU enscript can do many other things.

Download Website Updated 03 Mar 2002 epsmerge

Pop 34.16
Vit 3.18

Epsmerge is a Perl 5 program for merging one or more encapsulated PostScript files into one big EPS file. It can also be used to reformat a file on a page which can then be sent to a printer. It can format under various constraints, e.g., preserving aspect ratio, or preserving the relative sizes of the images. It can also add labels to the images in various hairy ways.


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Accurate solar system data for everyone.


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A general purpose template engine.