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Download Website Updated 23 Mar 2000 for2latex

Pop 29.43
Vit 72.11

for2latex is a Perl script that translates FORTRAN 77, FORTRAN 9x, and F sources into syntax-highlighted, optionally colored, LaTeX2e code by applying regular expressions.

Download Website Updated 21 Mar 2000 fnsam

Pop 34.16
Vit 72.12

fnsam is a Ghostscript font browser that creates a set of HTML pages, each showing samples of twenty fonts (Type1, TrueType, and others that are available to Ghostscript). You can quickly browse your fonts using a HTML browser, and click a sample to view that font's complete character set. A separate script is available that lists detailed info about a particular font.

No download Website Updated 23 Feb 2000 Mueller English-Russian Dictionary Kit

Pop 28.67
Vit 72.31

This is the first respectable English-Russian Dictionary with transcription (IPA) under GNU GPL. The dictionary has 46233 word articles and is 5.5MB. "MOVA" is a set of Bash and Tcl/TK scripts for dictionary management under UNIX.

Download Website Updated 13 Feb 2000 cut2

Pop 15.62
Vit 72.38

cut2 writes to standard output selected parts of each line of each input file, or standard input if no files are given. It was mean to supplement cut instead of replacing it. cut2 was written to overcome the problem of 'wc -l textfile | cut -f1', which results in the output of a blank line instead of the expected number of lines. Using cut2 instead will give you the expected result.

No download Website Updated 31 Jan 2000 A.L.I.C.E. and AIML

Pop 98.67
Vit 72.46

The ALICE software implements AIML (Artificial Intelligence Markup Language), a non-standard evolving markup language for creating chat robots. The primary design feature of AIML is minimalism. Compared with other chat robot languages, AIML is perhaps the simplest. The pattern matching language is very simple, for example permitting only one wild-card ('*') match character per pattern. AIML is an XML language, implying that it obeys certain grammatical meta-rules. The choice of XML syntax permits integration with other tools such as XML editors. Another motivation for XML is its familiar look and feel, especially to people with HTML experience.

No download Website Updated 27 Jan 2000 mod_mocrify

Pop 22.00
Vit 72.50

mod_mocrify provides a handler to remove unnecessary whitespace from HTML pages before they are transmitted. It also is capable of making your HTML source virtually unreadable to human eyes by replacing all displayed characters with their ASCII code entity representation. All these modifications do not affect the layout in any way.

Download Website Updated 12 Jan 2000 rotn

Pop 34.25
Vit 72.60

rotn rotates the alpha characters in text files by a specified amount (defaults to 13). This is bascially a ROT13 encoder/decoder, except you can specify the number to rotate by (including negatives).

Download Website Updated 28 Dec 1999 Drunkifier

Pop 15.75
Vit 72.70

Drunkifier takes input from the keyboard, a pipe or a form on a webpage and translates the text into drunken text.

Download Website Updated 23 Dec 1999 texi2html

Pop 21.68
Vit 72.73

Texi2html is a Perl script that converts GNU info files into HTML.

Download No website Updated 21 Aug 1998 Fonter

Pop 16.22
Vit 76.03

Fonter is a linux console font editor that was based on a font editor programmed for MS-DOS. This program includes many manipulation functions, it looks nice and has instant viewing of your fonts as you design them. Many unique fonts are included for your personal enjoyment.


Project Spotlight


A tool that handles the basic administration of MySQL over the Web.


Project Spotlight

Collax V-Cube+

Virtualization and HA Management of virtual machines and embedded HA Storage.