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Download Website Updated 15 Jun 2005 CTC++ Host-Target add-on package

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Vit 1.08

hota is an add-on package for the CTC++ code coverage and dynamic analysis tool. It supports analysis and coverage testing on any target for which you have a C or C++ compiler.

Download Website Updated 20 Oct 2008 CUT

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Vit 3.16

CUT is a unit-testing framework for C, C++, and Objective-C. Unlike other unit testing tools, CUT doesn't strive to be an SUnit clone. It automates a lot of the drudge work often encountered when using other unit testing packages for the C family of programming languages. CUT may also be used to unit-test assembly language software in some circumstances.

Download Website Updated 03 Jul 2005 CUnit

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Vit 3.02

CUnit is a unit test harness targeted at C developers. It attempts to ensure that writing test cases is easy. Each suite is compiled into a separate shared object that is loaded and run by the console runner.

No download Website Updated 04 Oct 2006 CW Trainer

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Vit 1.41

CW Trainer is an easy-to-use CW trainer that is adaptable for both the Koch and Farnsworth method of learning CW. It can generate random tests or read text from a file. Sample QSOs are included.

No download Website Updated 04 Apr 2014 CaptureMock

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Vit 7.92

CaptureMock provides capture-replay mocking for Python, on the command line and with client-server communication. CaptureMock's approach is a so-called capture-replay approach. This means that when you 'record' your mock, CaptureMock will observe the interaction between your code and the subsystem you are mocking out, and record it in a text file in its own format. When you then run your test in 'replay mode', CaptureMock can play the role of the subsystem in question, and the real subsystem does not need to even be installed. You can then choose, each time you run your tests, whether you wish to have the real subsystems present and verify/recreate the captured mocks, or to rely on the mocks captured by a previous run. If you are running in 'replay mode' and CaptureMock does not receive the same calls as previously, it will fail the test, and suggest that you may want to recreate the mocks in record mode.

Download Website Updated 28 May 2003 Cerberus Test Control System

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Vit 3.25

CTCS (Cerberus Test Control System) consists of a test control program for running tests, test modules, a test control file generator designed for running diagnostics, and complete documentation. Originally developed by VA Linux Systems, it is now being developed independently as an open-source project. Please read at least README.FIRST before attempting to use the Cerberus Test Control System as certain configurations of CTCS may damage your system.

Download Website Updated 04 Feb 2002 Chainsaw

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Vit 1.02

Chainsaw is a GUI log viewer and filter for the Log4J package. It listens for LoggingEvent objects sent using the SocketAppender and displays them in a table. The events can be filtered based on Priority, Thread name, Category name, or Message. It can also load events logged to a file.

No download Website Updated 31 Jan 2007 Charles Web Debugging Proxy

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Vit 5.02

Charles is a Web debugging tool, HTTP monitor, and reverse HTTP proxy for Web developers that includes plain text debugging of HTTPS/SSL. It is built in Java Swing, and runs on all Java platforms. It is an HTTP proxy server that displays requests and responses, complete with HTTP headers. This enables the developer to examine the exact content of HTTP exchanges, including cookies, caching, and redirects. It can also throttle your connection in order to simulate modem conditions. It is a valuable tool for all Web developers and is especially useful for debugging XML RCP, SOAP, Web services, AJAX/XMLHTTP, and Macromedia Flash client-server traffic including AMF, AMF 3, LoadVars, and XML Sockets.

Download Website Updated 21 Oct 2002 Check

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Vit 3.66

Check is a unit test framework for C. It features a simple interface for defining unit tests, putting little in the way of the developer. Tests are run in a separate address space, so Check can catch both assertion failures and code errors that cause segmentation faults or other signals. The output from unit tests can be used within source code editors and IDEs.

Download Website Updated 24 Dec 2004 Checky

Pop 110.79
Vit 4.27

Checky is a document validation and analysis extension for Firefox, Mozilla, and Netscape. It provides an easy-to-use interface to many free and commercial online validation and analysis services. It allows the user to validate, analyze, view, and inspect documents containing HTML, XHTML, CSS, RDF, RSS, XML, P3P, hyperlinks, metadata, and many more. It can check Section 508 and WAI compliance of documents with many helpful services. It can help in the design, development, and maintenance of accessible documents for a semantic web.


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