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Download Website Updated 21 Sep 2008 CommandCenter

Pop 26.94
Vit 1.43

CommandCenter is a tool for managing shell-based scripts with the capability to remotely run them on any UNIX-like host over SSH. The output of script runs can be viewed, appended to files, or saved.

Download Website Updated 15 Sep 2008 jsmud

Pop 17.66
Vit 1.00

jsmud is a MUD kernel that embeds SpiderMonkey and SQLite, making it possible to develop a MUD using JavaScript. Note that you cannot run jsmud inside of a browser; it is a server process, not an applet or Web page.

Download Website Updated 17 Aug 2008 nullmodem

Pop 23.75
Vit 1.85

nullmodem creates a virtual network of pseudo-terminals. It can be used as an adapter to connect two programs that normally need serial interface cards.

Download Website Updated 31 Jul 2008 xlax

Pop 47.24
Vit 1.75

xlax is an X11 input multiplexer: it sends your keyboard input from the xlax window to a group of windows simultaneously. The tool is designed for system administrators who typically have to do the same thing on several machines (or in several different directories). Windows can be added or deleted interactively, or temporarily disconnected and reconnected. xlax allows you to assign a custom string to each window (e.g. a hostname) that can be sent with a button click. An included script handles starting up and arranging windows, and allows you to set up commonly used window groupings in a config file.

Download Website Updated 30 Jul 2008 Reactive Keyboard

Pop 46.48
Vit 1.00

Reactive Keyboard (rk) adds predictive autocompletion to your Unix shell. It tracks your history, then makes suggestions as you type. It suggests command line completions based on prior input. Just ignore wrong suggestions; press CTRL-W to accept correct ones.

No download Website Updated 25 Jul 2008 Natural CLI

Pop 31.46
Vit 2.35

Natural CLI is a Java library that provides developers with an easy way to use human readable command line interfaces. This means that your software can understand easy command lines like "$acme start daemon mailservice", "$acme send file /tmp/pau.jpg to friend", or "$acme start backup in 10 minutes". Command lines are very easy to define.

Download Website Updated 14 Jul 2008 Snoop

Pop 75.58
Vit 3.01

Snoop is a GNU/Linux file descriptor monitoring tool inspired by FreeBSD's 'watch'. It goes beyond simple TTY snooping by allowing the interception of any file descriptor. You can attach on the fly to regular files, TTYs, named pipes, character devices, and pretty much anything that is represented by a file descriptor and addressable in the standard name space.

Download Website Updated 09 Jul 2008 twitter-cmdline

Pop 24.70
Vit 1.45

twitter-cmdline is a commandline twitter client that implements both reading and writing to your twitter stream. It is written in Perl and only requires LWP::UserAgent be installed.

No download Website Updated 09 Jul 2008 Netzen Xt

Pop 21.56
Vit 1.00

Netzen Xt is a small Linux distribution to implement an X Terminal. It is very simple and fast booting, with just a minimal set of software. The distribution provides an X server, dropbear SSH daemon, and the net SNMP agent, based on libc and busybox. It runs without a hard disk; just a compact flash storage device is needed.

Download No website Updated 04 Jun 2008 alph

Pop 83.77
Vit 6.12

alph implements and analyzes historical and traditional ciphers and codes, such as polyalphabetic, substitutional, and mixed employing human-reconstructable algorithms. It provides a pipe filter interface in order to encrypt and decrypt block text to achieve transparency. The program is meant to be used in conjunction with external programs that transfer data, resulting in transparent encryption or decryption of information. The program can thus be used as a mail filter, IRC filter, IM filter, and so on.


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