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No download Website Updated 19 Sep 2007 callintegrator

Pop 18.89
Vit 2.58

Callintegrator uses the phone numbers in your address book to initiate a call or to send an SMS via a VOIP service. Currently supported are peterzahlt.de, freecall.com, and voipbuster.com. Just click on the phone number and your phone rings. Setup is very easy.

Download No website Updated 30 Jan 2001 capircvd

Pop 44.90
Vit 2.02

capircvd is a voice/fax gateway. It receives fax (G3) and voice-calls using an ISDN-Bus, an AVM ISDN-Card (active or passive) and CAPI20 from isdn4linux, or AVM. It can be used on either P2P (with DDI) or P2M S0-bus. After reception, it can process files (send as mail) using an external handler (included).

Download Website Updated 06 Jul 2013 chan-sccp-b

Pop 126.17
Vit 9.36

chan-sccp-b is an extension of the original chan-sccp implementation for the Asterisk soft-PBX. It lets you hook up a Cisco/SCCP Phone to your Asterisk server using the SCCP protocol, which works a lot better than the SIP firmware on the same phone. It provides full phone functionality instead of just a simple SIP channel provider. It offers functionality like shared lines, hotline functionality, guest login, dynamic speeddials, private line automatic ring-down (PLAR), personal softkey configurations, Dundi support, SCCP extended dialplan functions, manager support, and custom device state buttons.

No download Website Updated 14 Apr 2012 chan_nms

Pop 31.18
Vit 1.00

CHAN_NMS is an Asterisk PBX channel driver that supports the NMS Communications (acquired by Dialogic) Open Access line of products, which includes E1/T1 boards for the PCI(-X), PCIe, and cPCI(e) buses.

Download Website Updated 26 Jul 2008 check_iax

Pop 20.93
Vit 1.00

check_iax is a Nagios plugin for checking IAX/IAX2 servers. It sends IAX POKE requests to remote servers and waits for an IAX PONG reply. It then sends an IAX ACK packet back.

Download Website Updated 30 Dec 2004 clipd

Pop 23.15
Vit 1.76

clipd is a daemon for displaying and saving CLIP information (also known as CallerID) from an analog telephone line. Connection history as well as callbook are stored in a MySQL database. Showing data on an LCD display using lcdproc is supported. PHP scripts are included for managing the database (adding callers, modifying, searching, dialing).

Download Website Updated 17 Nov 2001 esms

Pop 17.32
Vit 2.01

esms is a simple program which sends SMSes to cellular phones. It splits big messages into many fragments, which are later sent with error control. It works for cellular phones in Spain.

Download Website Updated 22 Jun 2002 fonmon

Pop 36.19
Vit 3.44

fonmon is a remote phone monitor for isdn4linux. It includes a server application for your ISDN-enabled computer (e.g. an ISDN gateway) and a client for your workstations (Linux and even Windows). You can easily monitor all incoming calls through your network with various clients, with features like highlighting, logging, and number/name exchange. The server won't run on a machine without an ISDN card in it.

Download Website Updated 28 Aug 2007 freePBX

Pop 99.44
Vit 1.15

The freePBX (formerly Asterisk Management Portal) project brings together best-of-breed applications to produce a standardized implementation of Asterisk, complete with Web-based administrative interface.

Download Website Updated 15 Apr 2003 geskoctrl

Pop 17.55
Vit 4.27

geskoctrl is an application to download/upload firmware for GESKO PBXes. geskoctrl is also useful for controlling these PBXes.


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