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Download Website Updated 02 Sep 2009 Crash Recovery Kit for Linux

Pop 222.49
Vit 6.62

Crash Recovery Kit (CRK) for Linux is a tool which can recover your crashed PC.

No download Website Updated 16 Feb 2000 cronolog

Pop 46.73
Vit 72.26

cronolog reads log messages from its input and writes them to a set of output files, the names of which are constructed using template and the current date and time. The template uses the same format specifiers as the date(1) command. cronolog is intended to be used in conjunction with a Web server, such as Apache, to split the access log into daily or monthly logs.

Download Website Updated 08 Feb 2012 CSS - Cameron Simpson's Scripts

Pop 105.59
Vit 8.04

CSS is a large collection of scripts (over 1000) and their supporting modules. There are tools for a wide variety of tasks, many sysadmin and text manipulation related, some mere finger convenience. There are even a few manual entries.

Download Website Updated 30 Jan 2001 CueCat PAM Module

Pop 27.29
Vit 1.42

The pam_cuecat module reads decoded bar codes from /dev/scanners/cuecat, looks up the username:barcode_type:barcode line in /etc/cuecatpasswd, and returns whether or not this user has been authenticated.

Download Website Updated 13 Jun 2010 daemon

Pop 144.90
Vit 5.26

daemon turns other processes into daemons. There are many tedious tasks that need to be performed to correctly set up a daemon process; daemon performs these tasks for other processes. This is useful for writing daemons in languages other than C, C++, or Perl (e.g. sh, Java). If you want to write daemons in languages that can link against C functions (e.g. C, C++), see libslack, which contains the core functionality of daemon.

Download Website Updated 26 Dec 2013 ddclient

Pop 354.79
Vit 20.05

ddclient is a client for updating dynamic DNS entries for accounts on a number of dynamic DNS providers, including Dynamic DNS Network Services' free DNS service. Many different routers are supported.

Download No website Updated 31 Aug 2002 Depot

Pop 60.17
Vit 1.54

Depot is a software management tool providing a simple, yet flexible, mechanism for maintaining third party and locally developed software in large heterogeneous computing environments. Depot integrates separately maintained software packages, known as collections, into a common directory hierarchy consisting of a union of all the collections. This common directory is defined as the software environment. A set of configuration options manages interactions and intersections between collections in the environment. Depot facilitates the introduction, update, and removal of collections in a software environment. Custom environments and complete test environments can be easily created for individual machines or for sets of machines. Collections with unexpected problems can be replaced with previous versions or simply removed. Individual collections or files can be moved from remote filesystems to the local disks of workstations without the worry that the files may become stale. All this is achieved with minimal wasted disk space and administrative overhead.

Download Website Updated 30 Jan 2001 devfs patch

Pop 10.00
Vit 1.41

This is a Device FileSystem patch for the Linux kernel. It allows drivers to automatically create and delete entries in /dev. That way you only see what you have. It even works with module autoloading.

Download No website Updated 13 Sep 2002 dhcp-dns

Pop 26.76
Vit 3.23

dhcp-dns is a small Perl script that updates a DJBDNS server with dynamic information from ISC's DHCPD.

Download Website Updated 19 Oct 2001 DHCPstatus

Pop 45.30
Vit 1.78

DHCPStatus is a query tool for browsing information stored in DHCPD's configuration and leases files. It has both a Web-based, and a command-line interface. It correlates the subnet details that you configure in the conf file, with the lease records that DHCPD maintains in its lease file. You can thus obtain an overall picture of your DHCP environment, as well as view details of individual leases for each IP.


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A script to submit updates to freeecode.com.


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A persistence and application distribution framework.