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Download Website Updated 22 Mar 2001 gnome-linuxconf

Pop 23.07
Vit 2.01

gnome-linuxconf is a nice GTK-based graphical frontend to Linuxconf. It supports most of the features Linuxconf offers, and is being actively developed to support all of them.

No download Website Updated 28 Nov 2012 CFEngine

Pop 360.20
Vit 18.87

Cfengine is a tool for setting up and maintaining BSD and System-5-like operating system optionally attached to a TCP/IP network. You can think of cfengine as a very high level language, much higher level than Perl or shell: a single statement can result in many hundreds of operations being performed on multiple hosts. Cfengine is good at performing a lot of common system administration tasks, and allows you to build on its strengths with your own scripts.

Download No website Updated 06 Dec 2011 GNU Stow

Pop 71.29
Vit 4.86

GNU Stow is a program for managing the installation of software packages, keeping them separate (/usr/local/stow/emacs vs. /usr/local/stow/perl, for example) while making them appear to be installed in the same place (/usr/local). Stow is a Perl script which should run correctly under Perl 5.005 and above. You must install Perl before running Stow. Stow was inspired by Carnegie Mellon's Depot program, but is substantially simpler.

Download Website Updated 25 Mar 2003 Gpasman

Pop 64.16
Vit 3.35

Gpasman is a password manager. People working with the internet have to remember lots of passwords. Saving them in a textfile is not a secure idea. Gpasman is a GTK solution to this problem since it saves the password information encrypted, so now you have to remember only one password instead of ten (or more).

Download No website Updated 09 Jan 2008 GQ

Pop 119.69
Vit 7.11

GQ is a GTK-based LDAP client that enables you to search and browse any LDAP V2- or V3-compliant server such as OpenLDAP, Novell, and Netscape. You can also add, edit, and delete entries.

Download Website Updated 17 Mar 2010 graft

Pop 90.64
Vit 1.50

Graft provides a mechanism for managing multiple packages under a single directory hierarchy. It was inspired by both Depot (from Carnegie Mellon University) and Stow (by Bob Glickstein). Packages are installed in self-contained directory trees and symbolic links from a common area are made to the package files.

Download No website Updated 30 Jan 2001 dctrl-tools

Pop 34.16
Vit 2.30

Debian package information is generally stored in files having a special file format, dubbed the Debian control file format (dctrl), a special case of the record jar file format. These tools operate on any files conforming in a general sense to that format, and are therefore widely applicable whenever this format is in play. The tools in this bundle are grep-dctrl, sort-dctrl, join-dctrl, and tbl-dctrl.

Download Website Updated 30 Jan 2001 Hamster Font Manager

Pop 28.20
Vit 1.00

Hamster Font Manager (HFM) helps you control the avaliability of fonts in all of the supported applications from a central place. It includes modules to support X11, Ghostscript, and TeX. A PostScript module handles PS Fonts while other fonts remain untouched by this program. It features a nice Tcl/TK GUI. For X11 configuration to work, this software has to run on the machine's own X Server.

Download Website Updated 15 Apr 2002 hc-cron

Pop 35.21
Vit 3.78

hc-cron is a cron daemon for 'home computers'. It runs specified jobs at periodic intervals and will remember the time when it was shut down and catch up jobs that have occurred during down time when it is started again. Hc-cron is based on the widely used vixie-cron and uses the same crontab format so that it can be used as a drop-in replacement for that program.

Download Website Updated 16 Nov 2010 HickUP

Pop 68.23
Vit 3.59

HickUP is a small multi-platform system for managing applications for a user or project environment. The user can, through a GUI or command line tool, choose which applications and versions they want to use. The project manager can specify allowed applications and versions of these the project members can select. The user can then select one of multiple environments to use at login or within a specific shell.


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A persistence and application distribution framework.