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Download Website Updated 06 Jul 2006 tRSS

Pop 43.70
Vit 2.34

tRSS is a MIDP RSS client. Users can read headlines from a number of news sites and have individual databases and feeds. It is readable by users and can be parsed by an XML parser. Users can reduce the duration of connection by separate online and offline parts.

Download Website Updated 22 May 2011 Sofia-SIP

Pop 129.74
Vit 7.93

Sofia-SIP is a SIP user agent library, compliant with the IETF RFC3261 specification. It can be used as a building block for SIP client software for uses such as VoIP, IM, and many other real-time and person-to-person communication services. The primary target platform is GNU/Linux. Sofia-SIP is based on a SIP stack developed at the Nokia Research Center.

Download Website Updated 19 Nov 2005 PCRE Symbian

Pop 19.44
Vit 1.00

PCRE Symbian is a Symbian OS port of the Perl Compatible Regular Expressions library. It is based on PCRE version 6.4 and includes modified source code as well as an MMP file. It is known to work with Symbian ER5, UIQ 2.1, and Symbian series 60/80/90.

    No download Website Updated 24 Nov 2005 AutoLock

    Pop 8.49
    Vit 55.75

    AutoLock is an automatic key lock application for Series 60 phones. It features automatic start-up when the phone is turned on and a setup tool to change inactivity time. It runs completely in the background.

    No download Website Updated 09 May 2006 piAccess Link

    Pop 19.21
    Vit 1.77

    piAccess Link adds AT command support to Symbian OS phones for SMS and phonebook retrieval, allowing access to the phone's text messages and contacts over Bluetooth from any personal computer and any standard AT command compatible software. The service is advertised via Bluetooth SDP for easy connection, and connections are supported over both incoming and outgoing Bluetooth connections.

    Download Website Updated 27 Aug 2008 Sviewer

    Pop 24.92
    Vit 3.40

    Sviewer is a simple .txt.gz viewer for Symbian ER5. It can handle big files since only the visible part of the file is decompressed and displayed. Zoom, charset recoding, and other major features are implemented.

      Download Website Updated 16 Mar 2006 PyS60 Mini Applications

      Pop 32.62
      Vit 2.01

      PyS60 Mini Applications is a series of small applications written in PythonS60: Ark ZIP, Mini WebCam, Rubrica Manager, XMMS Bluetooth, and more.

      Download Website Updated 14 Nov 2007 Sdjvu

      Pop 41.95
      Vit 3.51

      Sdjvu is a DjVu viewer for Symbian OS. It supports single and multi-page files, zoom, export to BMP files, and more.

      Download Website Updated 23 Sep 2008 oggplay

      Pop 32.19
      Vit 1.67

      OggPlay is an audio player for smartphones. It was initially written for the SonyEriccson P800 and then released under the GPL by Leif H. Wilden. It has since been ported to several Symbian phones.

      Download Website Updated 30 Jun 2006 WmConsole

      Pop 15.10
      Vit 1.00

      WmConsole is a console server for Windows Mobile devices which listen over BlueTooth RFCOMM channels. It allows the user to interact with the device using a commandline interface from a Linux or Windows workstation. You need the QTTY Linux/Windows client to access a WmConsole server.


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      Aspose.Note for .NET

      .NET components for working with MS OneNote files.


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      A “one-click” file sharing Web application.