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No download Website Updated 02 Nov 2004 PAM mobile token

Pop 49.45
Vit 2.46

PAM mobile token offers a PAM module and a J2ME token generator to create an authentication mechanism to be integrated into a PAM system. Only the owner of a secret (password/phrase) and a J2ME-enabled device with the token generator program will be able to satisfy the corresponding PAM module to be authenticated.

Download Website Updated 06 May 2013 Sdictionary

Pop 104.59
Vit 25.03

Sdictionary is a dictionary that uses its own dictionary format. Unlike ptkdic or gtkdic, MySQL isn't needed; you can work with dictionary files directly. It uses Unicode, meaning that words and articles all are in UTF-8. There are two index levels, compression, and tools to convert from text files to .dct and vice versa. A Perl/Tk version, libsdict, a C library framework, and a Symbian version are available.

    No download Website Updated 17 Dec 2004 Fortune4All

    Pop 16.19
    Vit 1.00

    Fortune4All is a fortune teller that comes with over 90000 witty sayings. It supports Unix fortune files.

    Download Website Updated 07 Jan 2005 GnuBox

    Pop 32.02
    Vit 58.57

    GnuBox allows you to access the Internet from your phone using your computer's Internet connection without paying any fees (like GPRS) to your operator, and at speeds up to 400 kbit/sec. It can connect to the PC using Bluetooth or the USB cradle.

    Download Website Updated 06 Sep 2005 Simple Sound for Small Devices

    Pop 32.63
    Vit 2.07

    Simple Sound for Small Devices (libsssd) is a simple cross-platform audio library designed primarily for games on portable devices such as smart phones, PDAs, and hand-helds.

    No download Website Updated 29 Apr 2005 Pluto Home

    Pop 64.00
    Vit 2.26

    Pluto System allows you to monitor and control a full range of systems from your home, including audio and video, ventilation and air conditioning, security and monitoring, lights, land phones, VOIP phones, intercom, drapes, doors and gates, pools, and sprinklers etc.

    Download Website Updated 23 Jul 2005 NetClassifieds Free Edition

    Pop 26.83
    Vit 1.00

    NetClassifieds Free Edition is an online classifieds system based on NetClassifieds Standard Edition with all the same features and capabilities but a few limitations. It features ebay-style category selection and picture uploading with dynamic thumbnails when creating new listings, home page featured and category featured Listings, unlimited categories, a method for asking sellers a question, a Make an Offer feature, and more. The Listing Gallery (including "Gallery Featured" and the "Gallery Fee" option), image previews, and the bold listing, highlight listing, and slide show listing option are not included and only 250 active listings are possible.

    Download Website Updated 21 Aug 2005 SuperOptimize

    Pop 25.98
    Vit 1.00

    SuperOptimize is a package to shrink, obfuscate, and optimize your Java code for SuperWaba. It uses the Soot framework for optimizations and ProGuard for shrinking and obfuscating.

    Download Website Updated 16 Apr 2007 Super Waba Collections

    Pop 23.35
    Vit 1.57

    SWCollections is a port of the popular java.util classes to the SuperWaba platform, since SuperWaba doesn't include Collections support by itself. The classes were taken from the GNU Classpath project.

    No download Website Updated 11 Sep 2005 Navlet

    Pop 26.98
    Vit 1.42

    Navlet is a navigation system for mobile devices such as PDAs, smart phones, and cell phones. It retrieves positioning data from any NMEA capable GPS receiver and displays the position on a digital map. External GPS receivers can be connected via a serial cable or Bluetooth. If your mobile device is connected to the Internet, it can download maps from a map server, or alternative use locally stored maps. It is also able to send the GPS data to a server via an HTTP connection.


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