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Download Website Updated 06 Jul 2007 Festival

Pop 163.64
Vit 3.36

Festival is a general multi-lingual speech synthesis system developed at CSTR. It offers a full text to speech system with various APIs, as well an environment for development and research of speech synthesis techniques. It is written in C++ with a Scheme-based command interpreter for general control.

Download Website Updated 30 Jan 2001 Keg Tracker

Pop 15.62
Vit 1.42

KegTracker is a GTK+-based MOD editor for Linux distributed under the terms of the GPL. It uses a modified version of the xmp library by Claudio Matsuoka and Hipolito Carraro Jr. KegTracker and can play all music modules supported by xmp, which is just about everything except Impulse Tracker modules. Its graphical interface includes Track Display, Order Display, Instrument and Sample Display, as well as basic controls you'd expect in a tracker. It also features a cool starfield about box by Rasterman.

Download Website Updated 29 Jun 2004 bchunk

Pop 211.40
Vit 2.51

bchunk, an Unix version of the BinChunker utility, converts CD images in the raw BIN/CUE format to a set of tracks in ISO 9660 format, which can be then written on a CD-R using cdrecord. Audio tracks are written in CDR (native CD audio) or WAV format.

No download Website Updated 15 Dec 2001 cdr

Pop 49.90
Vit 3.72

cdr stands for CDRip. It is a Perl program that uses dialog to provide an ncurses front end for ripping audio and encoding MP3s. It supports lame, cdparanoia, and CDDB / FreeDDB

Download Website Updated 30 Jan 2001 libmmoss

Pop 13.30
Vit 2.29

Libmmoss enables the Linux version of Netscape Navigator/Communicator to play sounds from Java applets. It is a replacement for Netscape's implementation of (the Java class) sun.audio.AudioDevice (including some JRI native C code). It should work with either the OSS or ALSA sound drivers. The latest version will also work with EsounD.

Download Website Updated 25 Feb 2006 SoundTracker

Pop 124.13
Vit 8.71

SoundTracker is a pattern-oriented music editor (similar to the DOS program 'FastTracker'). Samples are lined up on tracks and patterns which are then arranged to a song. Supported module formats are XM and MOD; the player code is the one from OpenCP. A basic sample recorder and editor is also included.

Download Website Updated 15 Aug 2002 Synthesis ToolKit in C++

Pop 23.49
Vit 2.00

STK is a set of audio signal processing C++ classes and instruments for music synthesis. You can use these classes to create programs which make cool sounds using a variety of synthesis techniques. This is not a terribly novel concept, except that STK is very portable and completely user-extensible.

Download Website Updated 20 May 2001 xoscope

Pop 48.47
Vit 2.19

Xoscope (or oscope) is a digital oscilloscope using input from a sound card or EsounD and/or a ProbeScope/osziFOX. Its features include 8 simultaneous signal displays, 1 us/div to 2 s/div time scale, built-in and external math functions including inverse, sum, diff, avg, xy, and FFT, 23 memory buffers, 5 automatic measurements, and file save/load.

Download Website Updated 06 Oct 2009 cdrdao & GCDMaster

Pop 342.43
Vit 7.36

Cdrdao records audio/data CD-Rs in disk-at-once (DAO) mode based on a textual description of the CD contents (toc-file). Features include full control over length and contents of pre-gaps (pause areas between tracks). Pre-gaps may be completely omitted, e.g. for dividing live recordings into tracks. Control over sub-channel data like catalog numbers, copy, pre-emphasis, 2-/4-channel flags, ISRC code, and index marks are provided as well. GCDMaster is a Gnome GUI front-end that lets you import MP3 and WAV files, select track markers and cut/copy/paste audio snippets before burning.

Download No website Updated 30 Jan 2001 yarec

Pop 13.11
Vit 2.50

Yarec is yet another sample recorder/player. It has support for a curses based UI and both Linux sound drivers. Supported file formats are WAV and AIFF.


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A scientific plotting package.


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Univention Corporate Server (UCS)

A server operating system with an integrated identity and infrastructure management system.