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Download Website Updated 18 May 2011 ShoutSend

Pop 20.88
Vit 1.00

ShoutSend is a simple streaming client for ShoutCast/IceCast servers. It takes an audio data stream from standard input (in MP3 or Ogg format) and without any processing sends it along with some metadata (like stream description) to a streaming server.

Download No website Updated 30 Nov 2009 Poddy Home

Pop 61.48
Vit 3.82

Poddy Home is a multimedia application that can replace your CD player, DVD player, video recorder, all your CDs and DVDs, and your collection of videos by storing them on your computer. It gives you easy, fast, and intuitive access to your media collection without the need to search for the disc itself. The included personal VCR can be programmed not only locally but also via a Web interface from anywhere.

Download Website Updated 15 Dec 2008 ajaxmixer

Pop 9.54
Vit 1.00

Ajaxmixer is a Web interface to adjust your ALSA sound card. It uses mootools 1.2.1 and amixer to get the card information.

Download Website Updated 30 Aug 2009 mpdscribble

Pop 19.54
Vit 2.83

mpdscribble is a daemon that submits tracks played by the Music Player Daemon to last.fm (formerly known as "audioscrobbler").

No download Website Updated 22 Dec 2008 corn

Pop 12.21
Vit 44.55

Corn is a small command-line-friendly and programmer-friendly music playing daemon. It strikes a balance between nerdy programmable flexibility and desktop integration.

Download Website Updated 22 Jun 2011 GVolWheel

Pop 12.41
Vit 44.54

GVolWheel is a lightweight application which lets you control the audio volume easily through a tray icon you can scroll on. It is easily integrated with minimal desktops (such as Openbox, IceWM, or XFCE).

No download Website Updated 24 Apr 2009 dudl

Pop 18.22
Vit 1.79

dudl is a collection of tools to grab, encode, and rename MP3 files, archive them, and maintain a database of all files. On top of this runs the dudld Jukebox daemon that plays your files through gstreamer. dudld's strengths are the powerful tag based filters, the capability to cope with very large collections, and the network protocol to control its operation. There is a full featured command-line client, a minimalistic GTK client, and a lirc client. Writing new clients should be easy with the supplied client libraries.

No download Website Updated 11 Mar 2014 Frescobaldi

Pop 332.88
Vit 35.28

Frescobaldi is a LilyPond sheet music editor with built-in MIDI player and PDF preview. It aims to be powerful, yet lightweight and easy to use.

Download Website Updated 18 Jun 2009 Gnome PulseAudio Applet

Pop 23.24
Vit 1.81

Gnome PulseAudio Applet is a GNOME applet for controlling PulseAudio streams. It supports volume control and a mute/unmute feature.

No download Website Updated 13 Dec 2010 Play it slowly

Pop 58.31
Vit 2.79

Play it slowly is a program to play back audio files at a different speed or pitch. It allows you to loop over a certain part of a file. It's intended to help you learn or transcribe songs. It can also play videos thanks to gstreamer.


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