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Download Website Updated 13 Dec 2009 cmus-status

Pop 18.87
Vit 1.65

cmus-status is an application for showing the currently playing song in either Cmus or MPD together with album art.

Download Website Updated 08 Jun 2012 gavl

Pop 61.71
Vit 4.64

Gavl is a library for handling uncompressed audio and video data. It provides commonly used conversions like video scaling, colorspace conversion, audio resampling, and more. Many routines are available in multiple versions optimized for either high speed or better accuracy. Gavl is compatible with all major multimedia and codec APIs. The supported audio and video formats include low-end legacy formats as well as high definition formats for professional editing.

Download Website Updated 08 Jun 2012 Gmerlin-avdecoder

Pop 32.86
Vit 4.64

Gmerlin-avdecoder is a multimedia decoding library that supports audio, video, and subtitles. It handles most commonly used media formats and codecs. The streams can come from many sources including regular files, DVDs, VCDs, and network connections using different protocols. For editing applications, many formats can be decoded in a sample accurate mode, which provides fast random access.

No download Website Updated 01 May 2008 riffle netcast scripts

Pop 11.45
Vit 47.12

riffle is a set of microscopic scripts to download, riffle (a.k.a. shuffle) and/or sort, sync with a portable device, expire according to rules, etc. for netcast episodes. It has an embryonic GUI for synchronization; the downloader is still command line-only. Eventually, everything will be configurable from the GUI or a text editor and usable from either GUI, command line, or cron job (or some other external scheduler). The main focus is to keep it simple to use.

Download Website Updated 12 May 2008 mimms

Pop 31.65
Vit 1.00

mimms is an MMS (e.g. mms://) stream downloader. mimms is a program designed to allow you to download streams using the MMS protocol and save them to your computer, as opposed to watching them live. Similar functionality is available in full media player suites such as Xine, MPlayer, and VLC, but mimms can be quicker and easier to use.

Download Website Updated 12 Mar 2010 AZR3-JACK

Pop 53.33
Vit 2.07

AZR3-JACK is a port of the free VST plugin AZR-3. It is a tonewheel organ with drawbars, distortion and rotating speakers. The original was written by Rumpelrausch Täips. The organ has three sections, two polyphonic with 9 drawbars each and one monophonic bass section with 5 drawbars. The two polyphonic sections respond to events on MIDI channel 1 and 2, and an optional keyboard split function makes the bass section listen to the lower keys on channel 1. The three sections have separate sustain and percussion switches as well as separate volume controls, and the two polyphonic sections have separate vibrato settings. All three sections are mixed and sent through the distortion effect and the rotating speakers simulator, where the modulation wheel can be used to switch between fast and slow rotation, and the fast and slow rotation speeds themselves can be changed separately for the lower and upper frequencies.

Download No website Updated 19 May 2008 Pushit

Pop 8.37
Vit 46.92

Pushit is simple software that performs single or batch transcoding of musical files, preserving tags (if the source and destination formats are supported by TagLib).

Download Website Updated 05 Mar 2010 alsaequal

Pop 38.88
Vit 2.39

Alsaequal is a real-time adjustable equalizer plugin for ALSA. It can be adjusted using an ALSA-compatible mixer, e.g. alsamixergui or alsamixer. By default, it uses the equalizer from the Caps LADSPA plugin package, but can but configured to use most LADSPA plugins.

Download Website Updated 25 Feb 2010 ll-plugins

Pop 31.30
Vit 1.68

ll-plugins is a small collection of LV2 plugins and a host that runs them. All plugins are installed in separate LV2 bundles (except the ones that are closely related, like the math-constant plugins or the mono and stereo versions of the peak meter). The GUIs, for the plugins that have GUIs, are installed in bundles of their own to make it easier for packagers to put them in separate binary packages to avoid Gtk dependencies for the plugins themselves. There are synths, event processors, simple audio and control manipulators and GUI-based plugins.

No download Website Updated 08 Feb 2014 NASPRO

Pop 77.45
Vit 14.79

NASPRO ("NASPRO Architecture for Sound PROcessing") is a collection of Free and Open Source sound processing software built around the LV2 plugin standard.


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