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Download No website Updated 17 Mar 2010 Semantic Web Services Test Case Generator

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Semantic Web Services Test Case Generator (SWSTCG) is a tool for generating Web service test cases using WSDL-S and Object Constraint Language (OCL). The test case generation technique is Orthogonal Array Testing (OAT). It generates WSDL from a Web service to be tested and converts it into WSDL-S by giving OCL references where pre and post conditions are defined. Test data, using OAT, with different factors, levels, and strengths are generated and documented in XML based test files called Web Service Test Specifications (WSTS) and executed. The proposed method is compared with the Factorial Design/All Combinations Testing (ACT) and Pair-Wise Testing (PWT) method.

Download No website Updated 23 Jul 2010 tcrun

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TCRun is a tool written by software engineers in QA to help in writing, managing, and running automated test cases. The current version is written in C# for use on Windows, though other versions / platforms may be created later as necessary. It tries to make writing automated test cases as simple and painless as possible. It includes support for NUnit exceptions, logging (both test case specific and framwork/runtime), parameterized tests, test case resource files, and a validation framework. It can be used in mono, but is somewhat untested (it's actually built by mono, and it tests itself).

Download No website Updated 15 Sep 2010 TAP4Pascal

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TAP4Pascal is an easy-to-use but powerful unit testing suite for Pascal (FreePascal, Turbo Pascal, et al.), conforming to the Test-Anything Protocol (TAP) specification, originally developed for testing Perl, and lightweight enough to work on any platform since it is entirely text-based. It comes with its own test harness for running and summarizing the results of multiple test sets. It aims to be straightforward and to make test building easy and quick for developers, and to help software work better for everyone.

No download Website Updated 02 Feb 2011 Autotest.mk

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Autotest.mk is a software testing framework for automation. It is simple and portable.


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A simulation program for thyroid homeostasis.


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A realtime player for MPEG audio layer 1, 2, and 3 files.