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Download Website Updated 24 Dec 2003 SQS Queue System

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Vit 61.72

SQS is a project assigned to remote management of computer systems. It provides a means by which a user may control the task queue on a remote computer. The system is flexible and easy to use, configure, and install. It includes secure data transfers.

Download Website Updated 26 Nov 2003 Psplit

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Vit 61.95

Psplit splits a large file into smaller segments which are portable across a wide variety of operating systems for the purpose of rejoining the segments.

Download Website Updated 26 Nov 2003 fush

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Vit 1.41

Fush is a Unix shell replacement. It provides improved support for logging the user's commands. Fush allows you to restrict and log everything that a user does. You can restrict shell operators, maximum command length, background tasks, or limit which commands can be executed from the command line. A list of MD5 sums is kept on all system binaries. When a user tries to execute a command, an MD5 hash is generated and is compared against the user's ACL. If the MD5 sum and full path match an approved command in the ACL, the command is executed.

Download Website Updated 15 Nov 2003 Shuriken

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Vit 2.87

Shuriken is an XML-based tool for Linux system administrators to set up spans of time when the system should be up. Using the RTC daily alarm (requires BIOS, hardware, Linux support), the system will automatically power-on (if it is off) for these intervals. Automatic power-off is supported, but this feature is not recommended if users intend to log in to the system and not have it shut down on them.

Download Website Updated 04 Nov 2003 prizm

Pop 20.45
Vit 1.00

prizm is a simple tool to colorize xterm sessions, either randomly or from a config file. It is a useful visual cue for when there are many xterms open at once.

No download Website Updated 31 Oct 2003 Emergency CD 3 GE

Pop 30.27
Vit 62.16

Emergency CD 3 GE is a live Linux CD console intended mainly for console use. It based on the Gentoo live CD and includes many filesystems, access and recovery software, network discovery and diagnostic tools, and some multimedia utilities.

Download Website Updated 10 Oct 2003 dcmd

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Vit 62.33

dcmd is a distributed shell with supporting scripts for use in managing medium to large deployments of Unix / Linux servers.

Download Website Updated 21 Sep 2003 CGI-Shell

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Vit 2.30

CGI-Shell provides a shell using CGI, so everyone who has a CGI directory on a Web server can also have a shell on it. It's comparable to telnet or SSH.

No download Website Updated 18 Sep 2003 xSH-paranoia patch

Pop 33.27
Vit 1.42

xSH-Paranoia Patch is an project started for admins who work in large system environments. It allows you to see which user executes which command, when, where, and from what IP address. It logs everything to syslog, and with syslog-ng, you can log it to another machine where no user should/would have access. Currently supported shells are bash and tcsh.

Download Website Updated 03 Sep 2003 Midnight Commander MP

Pop 89.33
Vit 1.76

Midnight Commander MP is an advanced clone of the famous Midnight Commander without Tk, xv, or GNOME parts (including GLib). It also features a real-time clock, file group colors, charset support for the viewer, editor, and panels, position saving for the viewer and editor, and more.


Project Spotlight


A high performance, scalable database modeled after Bigtable.


Project Spotlight


A utility that convert an email to a Trac ticket.