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Download No website Updated 20 Jan 2001 gpkcs

Pop 12.73
Vit 69.98

gpkcs11 provides support functions to make the development of support for new tokens easier and contains a complete software token, as well as an automated testing environment. It serves as a testing tool in the development of new applications that contain cryptographic support.

Download Website Updated 30 Jan 2001 Griffon Cryptanalysis Package

Pop 27.93
Vit 1.00

Griffon is a GTK+ GUI cryptanalysis tools package for pre-digital ciphers. All monoalphabetic transposistion and substitution ciphers are covered, including multi-char ciphers such as Playfair. The toolset includes a customizable frequency count, substitution list, cribbing of ciphers, and a notepad to record your attempts.

Download No website Updated 17 Feb 2001 GtkRecover

Pop 14.63
Vit 1.46

GtkRecover is a GTK version of the console program recover. It undeletes a file using the steps as described in the ext2-undeletion howto.

Download Website Updated 31 Dec 2004 Guarddog

Pop 118.45
Vit 5.71

Guarddog is firewall generation/management utility for KDE 2 or 3 on Linux. It allows you to specify which protocols should be allowed to pass through the firewall, and requires no knowledge of port numbers. It generates scripts for ipchains and/or iptables.

Download Website Updated 11 Jul 2006 HiSecure SurfProtector

Pop 11.09
Vit 1.90

HiSecure provides secure encrypted communication between hosts over an insecure network. You can redirect any TCP/IP ports over this secure encrypted channel. It works with Citrix and SAP R/3, and only the powerful web SSL-proxy is included.

Download Website Updated 24 Mar 2004 hsftp

Pop 61.11
Vit 3.54

hsftp is an FTP emulator that provides the look-and-feel of an FTP session, but uses ssh to transport commands and data. It is written in C, and requires no additional libraries.

No download Website Updated 12 Mar 2000 httpf

Pop 31.80
Vit 72.19

httpf is a WWW security proxy. It filters the content of all the WWW requests (HTTP and HTML) and just passes those HTTP-entries, HTML-tags, and HTML-attributes to the Web browser that are specified in a configuration file. Calls to JavaScript, Java-applets, and other things will be deleted.

Download Website Updated 26 Aug 2002 HTTP Server type

Pop 47.95
Vit 4.14

httptype reads a list of http hosts and optionally the port number for each of these. It queries each host, displaying the type of HTTP server running on that host, if any. It reads the http_proxy and no_proxy environment variables to determine whether to use a proxy or not. These options may also be specified through the command line.

Download No website Updated 06 Sep 2009 IC-RADIUS

Pop 62.43
Vit 4.15

IC-RADIUS is a Cistron-based RADIUS server that uses MySQL to store all of its data. It includes a Web GUI to administer users, and to view all kinds of accounting reports (i.e. utilization graphs). Several new attributes have been added for prepaid setups, such as time limit by day, month, and total. It also includes scripts to import standard radius users, files, and dictionaries.

Download Website Updated 02 Sep 2011 integrit

Pop 109.60
Vit 4.99

integrit is an alternative to file integrity verification programs like tripwire and aide. It helps you determine whether an intruder has modified a computer system. integrit's major advantages are a small memory footprint and simplicity. It works by creating a database that is a snapshot of the most essential parts of your computer system. You put the database somewhere safe, and you can then use it to make sure that no one has made any illicit modifications to the computer system. In the case of a break in, you know exactly which files have been modified, added, or removed.


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A multithreaded, Tcl-enabled, dynamic Web server.


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A secure chat app.