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Download Website Updated 26 May 2008 BitPrison CAPTCHA

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BitPrison CAPTCHA is a fully object oriented class library that provides a CAPTCHA for any PHP Web site. It features very minimal software requirements, ease of customization using parameters or by extending the class, and API documentation.

Download Website Updated 05 Jan 2007 Blindeyes

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BlindEyes is a distributed framework designed to allow the distribution and chaining together code in all popular languages.

No download Website Updated 19 Jul 2006 BlockSSHD

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BlockSSHD protects computers from SSH brute force attacks by dynamically blocking IP addresses by adding iptables rules.

Download Website Updated 28 Feb 2008 BlueProximity

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BlueProximity helps add a little more security to the desktop. It does so by detecting a certain Bluetooth device, most likely a mobile phone, and keeping track of its distance. If it is moved away from the computer and the distance is above a certain level (no measurement in meters is possible) for a given time, it automatically locks the desktop (or starts any other shell command wanted). Once away, the computer awaits its master's return: if the device is nearer than a given level for a set time, the computer unlocks without any interaction (or starts any other shell command wanted).

Download Website Updated 27 Dec 2007 Bluediving

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Bluediving is a Bluetooth penetration testing suite. It implements attacks like Bluebug, BlueSnarf, BlueSnarf++, and BlueSmack, has features such as Bluetooth address spoofing, an AT and a RFCOMM socket shell, and implements tools like carwhisperer, BSS, L2CAP packet generator, L2CAP connection resetter, RFCOMM scanner, and greenplaque scanning mode (using more than one HCI device).

Download Website Updated 10 Feb 2013 Bluefog

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Bluefog is a tool that can generate an essentially unlimited number of phantom Bluetooth devices. It can be used to test Bluetooth scanning and monitoring systems, make it more difficult for attackers to lock onto your devices, or otherwise complicate the normal operation of Bluetooth devices. Technically, Bluefog can work with just one Bluetooth adapter, but it works much better when you connect multiple adapters. Up to four radios are currently supported simultaneously.

Download Website Updated 02 Nov 2013 Bluelog

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Bluelog is a Bluetooth site survey tool, designed to tell you how many discoverable devices there are in an area as quickly as possible. Bluelog differs from most Bluetooth scanners in that it prioritizes speed of reporting over anything else (i.e. it doesn't spend time trying to pull detailed data from a device) and doesn't require any user intervention to function. As the name implies, its primary function is to log discovered devices to file rather than to be used interactively. Bluelog could run on a system unattended for long periods of time to collect data. In addition to basic scanning, Bluelog also has a unique feature called "Bluelog Live", which puts results in a constantly updating Web page which you can serve with your HTTP daemon of choice.

Download Website Updated 22 Aug 2006 Bob the Butcher

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Bob the Butcher is a distributed password cracker. It is built around a client/server system. Cracking speed scales linearly with the number of connected clients. It is designed for efficient cracking resource usage. It will handle many password files at once, aggregating passwords as much as possible.

Download Website Updated 13 Jul 2010 Bombardier Installer

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Bombardier is a software system that delivers visibility, control, and automation to data center environments. Bombardier provides a means for changes to be rolled out to a network of Linux and Windows servers in a highly controlled way, providing optimum security, logging, and centralized change control.

No download Website Updated 26 May 2007 Bork

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Bork is a very small, cross-platform file encryption utility using a password-based RC4 algorithm. It is designed to be included in source code form along with the files it encrypts for long-term storage (eg on CD-R). Its minimal external dependencies are designed to make it fairly futureproof.


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A tool for collecting and viewing data from a Nedap PowerRouter.


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A mail filtering manager, supporting Sieve, procmail, maildrop and IMAP filters.