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Download Website Updated 01 Feb 2008 Free Conquest and Colonization of America

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Vit 3.09

Free Conquest and Colonization of America is a remake of a fantastic old game from Microprose called Colonization. Those who have played Civilization will find the game style very similar. In Civilization, the game time goes from pre-history to the future, but in Free Conquest and Colonization of America, all action happens during the exploration age, from 1492 to 1800. The goal of the game is to build a colony in America and make this colony grow big enough to be able to achieve independence from the motherland. A player can choose among the English, French, Dutch, and Spanish nations, each having its own qualities and problems. During colonization, the player will face many challenges, such as negotiating (and making war, if necessary) with other European colonies and native tribes. Winning the hearts of the colonists (by making they feel that the colony is their home) is the key to getting enough support to fight for independence. Allowing religious freedom in your colony will attract more colonists persecuted for their faith in Europe.

Download Website Updated 11 Jun 2004 Ruby Dynamic DNS Client

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Vit 1.42

Ruby Dynamic DNS Client is a highly customizable, easy-to-use dynamic DNS update client. It features the ability to retrieve the IP address (using ifconfig or over the Web), support for various dynamic DNS services (dyndns.org, changip.com, cjb.net), support for multiple languages (Dutch, English, German, Italian, Romanian, Spanish), and a config file generation script.

Download Website Updated 08 Apr 2006 Ruby/Finance

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Vit 2.20

Ruby/Finance allows access to changing financial data, such as currency conversion rates and stock quotes. It is a partial port of Perl's Finance::Quote module.

Download Website Updated 30 Mar 2008 netstiff

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Vit 3.57

netstiff (formerly known as webdiff) is a powerful Web and FTP site update checker. It supports a variety of different methods (diff, HTML, size, date, MD5 sum, regexp) to check for updates. There are also sophisticated settings to make it useful for partly dynamic Web pages. Without any given arguments, netstiff will either run its interactive configuration tool or check your sites for updates and print the changes in a diff(1)-like manner.

Download Website Updated 27 Jun 2007 Rails

Pop 171.69
Vit 2.38

Rails is a Web application framework for Ruby modeled after the MVC pattern. It uses Action Pack for the Controller and View, Active Record for the Model.

Download Website Updated 24 Jul 2004 Active Record

Pop 23.87
Vit 1.00

Active Record connects business objects and database tables to create a persistable domain model where logic and data is presented in one wrapping. It’s an implementation of the object-relational mapping (ORM) pattern in which an object that wraps a row in a database table or view, encapsulates the database access, and adds domain logic on that data.

Download Website Updated 24 Apr 2007 tpp

Pop 43.24
Vit 3.33

tpp stands for text presentation program and is an ncurses-based presentation tool. Presentations can be written with any text editor in a simple description format and then displayed on any text terminal that is supported by ncurses.

Download Website Updated 14 Nov 2011 Redland RDF Library Language Bindings

Pop 82.77
Vit 8.04

redland-bindings provides high-level language bindings for the Redland RDF C libraries, allowing full access to the C APIs along with enhancements for individual languages. It currently provides bindings in Perl, PHP, Python, and Ruby.

Download Website Updated 10 Aug 2004 Canny

Pop 14.07
Vit 1.00

Canny is a template library for Ruby. Its template syntax and features are similar to that of the Smarty template system for PHP. One notable feature is "compilation" of templates into Ruby code for faster execution.

Download Website Updated 21 Dec 2004 PrettyException

Pop 18.65
Vit 2.04

PrettyException is a library for generating pretty HTML output for a given Exception. It is useful for those who develop or debug Web applications in Ruby and don't have access to a Web server's logs.


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Black Hole Solitaire Solver

An automated solver for the "Black Hole" and "All in a Row" solitaire/patience card games.


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A distributed fault-tolerant Jabber/XMPP server.