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Download Website Updated 20 Aug 2003 JSON for Ruby

Pop 24.06
Vit 1.00

JSON for Ruby is an implementation of the JavaScript Object Notation for the Ruby programming language. JSON is a lightweight data interchange format proposed as a thinner alternative for XML. For more information on JSON, see http://www.crockford.com/JSON/index.html.

No download Website Updated 23 Feb 2011 Berkeley DB XML

Pop 129.31
Vit 3.10

Berkeley DB XML is a native XML database engine for use within your product. Made available as a C++ library with language bindings for Java, Perl, Python, PHP, and Tcl, it integrates directly into your application (it is not a standalone database server). It provides XQuery access into a database of document containers. XML documents are stored and indexed in their native format using Berkeley DB as the transactional database engine.

Download Website Updated 09 Aug 2006 Ruby/Amazon

Pop 60.53
Vit 4.89

Ruby/Amazon is a simple Ruby library that allows one to retrieve information from the popular Amazon.com Website via Amazon Web Services v3. It aims to wrap the grunt work of interacting with the Amazon API behind a high-level layer of Ruby and, in so doing, make it easier to use. Ruby/Amazon is succeeded by Ruby/AWS.

Download Website Updated 17 Oct 2008 Elektra Initiative

Pop 198.96
Vit 8.00

Elektra is a universal hierarchical configuration store, similar to GConf and the Windows Registry. It allows programs to read and save their configurations with a consistent API, and allows them to be aware of other applications' configurations, leveraging easy application integration. While architecturally similar to other OS registries, Elektra does not have most of the problems found in those implementations. Elektra includes a library, an API, and commandline and GUI tools for administration tasks.

Download Website Updated 26 Feb 2004 Ruby/Libburn

Pop 16.55
Vit 1.00

Ruby/Libburn is a Ruby binding for Libburn, a library for reading, mastering, and writing optical discs.

Download Website Updated 16 Jul 2005 RubyGems

Pop 60.98
Vit 3.22

RubyGems is an advanced package management tool for Ruby libraries. It supports remote searching, downloading, and installation while handling library dependencies and supporting coexisting versions.

Download Website Updated 02 Jun 2004 Ruby Bidirectional Iterators

Pop 24.29
Vit 2.02

Ruby Bidirectional Iterators allow you concatenate iterators, convert a Ruby internal iterator to an external one, use parallel iterators, reverse an iterator, and have iterators which remember the last element.

Download Website Updated 15 Apr 2004 Ruby SVG::Graph

Pop 21.21
Vit 1.00

SVG:::Graph is a pure Ruby library for generating charts, which are a type of graph where the values of one axis are not scalar. It has a very similar API to the Perl library SVG::TT::Graph, and the resulting charts look the same.

Download No website Updated 07 Sep 2004 regexp-engine

Pop 26.91
Vit 2.28

regexp-engine is a regexp engine written entirely in Ruby that makes it possible to search in text with advanced search patterns. It supports Perl 5 and some Perl 6 syntax and is fairly compatible with Ruby's native regexp engine, passing almost 98% of the Rubicon tests. The implementation is simple and contains no optimizations.

Download Website Updated 08 Feb 2009 deplate

Pop 58.92
Vit 5.85

deplate converts wiki-like markup to LaTeX (standard classes, koma, dramatist, sweave), HTML/PHP (single page, chunked/website, HTML, or s5-based slideshow), DocBook (article, book, man/ref page), and really plain text. Currently supported input formats are viki and Ruby's rdoc. The viki markup supports footnotes, citations, index, table of contents, embedded LaTeX for mathematics, integration with R for dynamically generated figures and tables, and more. Output can be customized via page templates.


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