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No download No website Updated 26 Nov 2007 Trading robot DSL

Pop 15.62
Vit 48.76

Trading robot DSL is a domain specific language for automated trading. It supports IB Trader Workstation and the Opentick market data API.

Download Website Updated 19 Nov 2009 MB-DiscID

Pop 22.23
Vit 1.69

MB-DiscID provides Ruby bindings for the MusicBrainz DiscID library libdiscid. It allows you to calculate MusicBrainz DiscIDs from audio CDs, which you can use to find the release entry for your CD in the MusicBrainz database.

Download Website Updated 24 Feb 2009 Rainpress

Pop 26.36
Vit 1.56

Rainpress is a CSS compressor. It can be used either as a library in Ruby programs or as a standalone executable. Rainpress doesn't apply common compression algorithms like gzip; rather, it removes unecessary characters and replaces long attributes with shorter equivalents.

No download Website Updated 09 Jan 2008 ruby-opengl

Pop 24.19
Vit 1.00

ruby-opengl provides Ruby bindings for OpenGL, GLU, and GLUT. It supports OpenGL 2.1 and the majority of GL extensions.

Download Website Updated 22 Jul 2009 Tioga

Pop 33.45
Vit 1.98

Tioga is a Ruby library for creating figures and plots with high quality text and graphics in PDF format. Text is processed directly by TeX (not an emulation), and the graphics covers a broad range of PDF features including images, curves, clipping, and transparency. Tioga is relatively easy to use, complete, and well documented.

No download Website Updated 05 Mar 2008 acts_as_catalog

Pop 14.70
Vit 1.00

acts_as_catalog is a (very simple) Plugin for Ruby on Rails abstracting the base functionality for the most frequently used kind of table: the simple catalog.

Download Website Updated 21 Mar 2010 Ruby/AWS

Pop 37.07
Vit 5.15

Ruby/AWS is a high-level Ruby language interface to the Amazon Associates Web Service API v4. It aims to automate and remove the grunt work of interacting with the Amazon API and, in so doing, make it much easier to use. Ruby/AWS is the successor to Ruby/Amazon.

No download Website Updated 22 Apr 2008 dramatis

Pop 9.38
Vit 47.21

dramatis is an actor library for dynamic languages like Ruby and Python. It allows developers to create concurrent programs in these languages using the actor model rather than having to use low-level threads.

Download Website Updated 05 Aug 2008 openSteam

Pop 10.44
Vit 1.44

openSteam is a generic e-commerce framework for Ruby on Rails. Its goal is to simplify the implementation of a Web shop. It features a generator to create a Web shop quickly, generators to create products and properties, a shopping cart, a checkout process, inventory entry for products or specific product configurations, and an administrative backend to overview customer and order information.

No download Website Updated 17 Aug 2008 Base4r

Pop 10.15
Vit 1.43

Base4r is a client library for Google Base, written in Ruby. It is currently able to authenticate and to create, update, and delete Base items from your Ruby project.


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