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No download Website Updated 25 Jun 2008 spacemaps

Pop 16.37
Vit 1.00

Spacemaps is a library that aims to create support for Web-based strategy games. Its goal is to create a complete space map suite able to save, load, map, and create user-specific maps, with HTML support for link mapping and tagging.

No download Website Updated 22 Aug 2004 tnMUD

Pop 15.10
Vit 1.42

tnMUD is MUD (Multi-User Dungeon) server written in C++. It uses XML (via libXML2) for handling data files. Its lightweight core can by easily extended by modules, which are loadable/unloadable at runtime.

Download Website Updated 06 May 2003 travtrack

Pop 39.80
Vit 3.61

travtrack is a tool to help a Traveller(tm) referee keep track of essential data for a game. Already implemented are galaxies, sectors, subsectors, systems, stars, planets, belt and moons. Yet to be implemented are trade routes, ships, characters, and all the rest. These will take some time, but should not be too complex. It currently uses the GURPS Traveller:First In rules for system generation, but a subproject is under way to add Classic Traveller generation and output. travlib is a collection of C routines that should make writing a Traveller application easier. A guile interface to the data representation functions is provided.

No download Website Updated 14 Feb 2003 u6edit

Pop 23.15
Vit 1.00

u6edit is a world editor for Ultima 6. With u6edit, you can create, modify, and delete objects; manipulate containers, via a tree view; edit terrain in place; view all map and object tiles; view tile and palette animation; view book contents; save map and object data; and play your new worlds with Ultima 6. It is a GTK application written in Perl.

Download Website Updated 17 Feb 2005 uoamhub

Pop 10.68
Vit 1.43

uoamhub is a dedicated server for UOAutoMap. UOAutoMap is a non-free map tracking tool for Ultima Online, which has networking features with a proprietary, undocumented protocol.

Download Website Updated 02 Mar 2010 uoproxy

Pop 20.42
Vit 3.46

uoproxy is a proxy server for Ultima Online. It adds features like disconnected operation, automatic reconnection, multi-headed gameplay, and much more.

No download No website Updated 24 Apr 2010 webDiplomacy

Pop 125.47
Vit 6.24

webDiplomacy (previously phpDiplomacy) is a Web implementation of a popular turn based strategy game in which you battle to control Europe. It is not a game of luck: to win you must be diplomatic and strategic, forming and breaking allegiances and bargains with your friends and enemies. It features an interface intuitive and simple enough that seasoned Diplomacy pros and complete newcomers can play alongside each other.

Download Website Updated 17 Feb 2010 xBaK

Pop 76.16
Vit 5.20

xBaK is a fan-made remake of the classic Sierra computer RPG "Betrayal at Krondor". It is a game engine that uses the data files that came with the original game by Sierra Online. You must already have your own copy, since the required data files are not distributed with xBaK. The game is still under development. The intro, the option dialogs, and the main game dialog are finished, but the game is not yet playable. Several tools for examining the contents of the data files are also available.


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