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No download Website Updated 20 Jun 2008 Beeswax

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Vit 1.00

Beeswax is an information management system inspired by Lotus Agenda. It aims to recreate Agenda's flexibility and efficiency in a clutter-free, text-based (ncursesw) user interface with vi key bindings. Beeswax views and reports will have specifications for sections, columns, filtering, and sorting.

Download Website Updated 30 May 2008 Limbas

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Vit 2.64

LIMBAS is a Web-based software factory. It allows you to build business applications with a modeling engine, a form and report designer, a built-in DMS, built in groupware functions, and much more. It supports modules for CMS, CRM, SRM, eCommerce, image databases, and ticket systems.

Download Website Updated 08 May 2008 jdbfviewer

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Vit 1.91

jdbfviewer allows you to display dbf files in a JTable view (and optionally delete rows). Not all versions of dbf are supported. The memo-field isn't tested. No future development is planned.

Download Website Updated 07 May 2008 DKP Log Parser

Pop 11.18
Vit 1.51

DKP Log Parser is a tool designed to help administrate time-based and/or event-based DKP reward systems (popular in MMORPGs) in conjunction with EQDKP (or any other DKP software implementing a required interface). It parses logs, calculates rewards, and then uploads them. The tool is configurable to be compatible with most games that produces some kind of log. There are currently predefined pattern sets for EverQuest, EverQuest2, and World of Warcraft (with CT RaidTracker).

Download Website Updated 08 Apr 2008 Legal Case Management System

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Vit 5.86

The legal case management system is a Web application aimed for use by not-for-profit legal advice centers. It supports recording case information and its follow-ups, which can then be used to generate reports.

Download Website Updated 07 Feb 2008 qaManager

Pop 24.49
Vit 1.46

qaManager is a software quality assurance project management tool. It can be used for keeping track of comprehensive details of engineering and QA releases, resource allocation, and project and resource diaries. Reports can be generated in PDF and Excel format. Installation is very simple and all major databases are supported.

Download Website Updated 13 Jan 2008 PHP Running Management

Pop 49.45
Vit 4.39

PHP Running Management is a set of scripts for runners. Users can enter intermediate times of training or race performance for calculating various statistics (distance, avg speed, time/ km, projection on different distance, etc.)

Download Website Updated 04 Jan 2008 Ajatus CRM

Pop 32.86
Vit 1.42

Ajatus is a CRM that runs as a local AJAX Web application on your own computer. It uses the CouchDb object database for data storage and enjoys a wide range of plug-in and replication possibilities.

Download Website Updated 03 Jan 2008 enetman

Pop 57.25
Vit 3.63

enetman is a network asset management Web application written in PHP with a MySQL backend. Its intended use is to maintain a structured list of servers that can be cross referenced by location, manufacturer, vendor, CPU, and OS. It allows for a user to create and maintain locations, manufacturers, and vendors along with contact names and phone numbers to each. It contains a device log that tracks issues that servers have had, a list of network ports on the server along with IP information (IP, subnet, gateway, DNS, network card make/model and MAC) for each port (this includes aliased ports), and a software manager that keeps tabs on expiration dates of software. It enables the user to create a directory tree with files that can then be attached to locations, vendors, manufacturers, software, or servers. It maintains a list of all software installed on a server and how many licenses are allocated to it. A Perl script run from cron emails users when a license is about to expire.

No download Website Updated 14 Nov 2007 SpiceHire for SugarCRM

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Candidate Management Module for SugarCRM is a human resource recruitment solution created by HR (Human Resources) people for other HR people. This product is based on actual, day-to-day recruitment needs and captures information that is important for pooling and searching. It can be used to prepare job requisitions, enter candidates, schedule interviews, attach resumes, and track candidate history.


Project Spotlight


A file integrity daemon with support for centralized monitoring.


Project Spotlight

Character Recognition

A simple OCR application for Android.