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No download Website Updated 15 Mar 2010 Salamander

Pop 13.67
Vit 39.24

Salamander is an alternate installer for Ubuntu Linux that provides a simple, streamlined interface for configuring software RAID.

Download No website Updated 10 Jan 2011 Linfo

Pop 45.43
Vit 1.05

Linfo displays system statistics such as disk space usage, network usage, hardware information, mounted file systems, hard drives, RAM, hostname, uptime, etc. The Linux version works by parsing the /proc and /sys filesystems and also by connecting to daemons such as hddtemp for determining physical health.

No download Website Updated 13 Mar 2011 SnapRAID

Pop 34.55
Vit 34.28

SnapRAID is a backup program for disk arrays. It uses a disk of the array to store redundancy information, and it allows you to recover from a disk failure. SnapRAID is mainly targeted for a home media server, where you have a lot of big files that rarely change.

No download No website Updated 12 Mar 2013 OpenSAN

Pop 34.86
Vit 32.72

OpenSAN is a project realizing a Storage Area Network system. It is small firmware that turns a server (having at least one hard drive) into an iSCSI target accessible through the Ethernet interface.

Download Website Updated 30 Jun 2012 raider

Pop 59.06
Vit 2.51

Raider is a tool to automate software RAID conversion. It converts a single Linux system disk into a Linux software RAID 1, 4, 5, 6, or 10.


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A generative tree visualiser for Python.


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A Web-based interface for Unix system administration.