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Download Website Updated 24 Aug 2008 cinabox

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Cinabox (Continuous Integration in a Box) automates the setup of a Continuous Integration (CI) system by doing The Simplest Thing That Could Possibly Work. It consists of two simple scripts to set up a cruisecontrolrb CI server from scratch on an Ubuntu 8.04 system: one script to bootstrap Ruby, and another script to set up CI.

No download Website Updated 24 Oct 2003 SchemaScanner

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SchemaScanner is a Java/JDBC tool designed to assist developers and DBAs in examining and understanding Oracle database schemas and database contents. It automatically scans an Oracle database, verifies that the database design conforms to generally accepted design principles, and samples the attributes of all specified entities to determine basic data mining elements, including uniqueness, percentage null, and data variance. It produces an XML output file which can be formatted using supplied XSL output formats to generate a reverse-engineered schema, an attribute usage profile, or document schema structure exceptions. Since the output format is well-formed XML, custom reports can be easily constructed from the generated XML file using XSL. A limited use version is available as freeware for non-commercial and educational use.

No download Website Updated 11 Jan 2008 ebizzy

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ebizzy is designed to generate a workload resembling common Web application server workloads. It is highly threaded, has a large in-memory working set, and allocates and deallocates memory frequently.

No download Website Updated 27 Mar 2004 logGen

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Vit 1.00

logGen is a command-line utility for detecting filesystem changes after a preference change or package installation. This is primarily useful when creating your own .pkg files so you know what you need to package. This package is only compatible with OS X 10.3 and above due to some perl modules that are missing in earlier versions. If you need to run it on OS X 10.2, you'll need to install the necessary perl modules manually.

No download Website Updated 11 Jun 2007 BugWerk

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Vit 50.45

BugWerk is an adaptable, platform-agnostic application incident reporting infrastructure ranging from logging libraries and Web service-based reporting to a J2EE logging server to a pluggable connection to issue managers.

No download Website Updated 25 Jun 2007 Exctractor

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Vit 50.31

Exctractor is a Java exception extractor. This utility will parse all given Java files (either plain text or bzipped) and will search for various exceptions. It then tries to match exceptions against grouping rules (defined by regular expressions). It is also able to group unrecognized exceptions.

No download Website Updated 20 Jun 2006 Alvicom LoadManager

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Vit 1.00

Alvicom LoadManager is a test tool that focuses on load, stress, stability, and performance criteria. The tool runs on all platforms supported by Eclipse and Java. Supported protocols are HTTP, HTTPS, socket (TCP/IP), JMS, and RMI. Result data is collected in a central repository. This data can be exported/manipulated quickly, easily, and usefully. Thousands of virtual users (data units) can be simulated and tested. Color-coding shows which users pass or fail, and a script-link is provided.

No download Website Updated 20 Nov 2006 STclass

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Vit 1.43

STclass is a unit testing framework comparable to JUnit and its clones, but based on runtime evaluable contracts as defined by B. Meyer in the Design by Contract approach. It implements runtime evaluable contracts and contract based class level unit testing; inheritance of contracts and tests is handled. The framework generates reports in XML, and postprocessing tools produce nice HTML reports; using the JIP profiler, a statisitic and profiling analysis can be made during the test, and its resuts are added to the HTML report.

No download Website Updated 04 Jan 2007 Testare

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Testare is a Java testing framework for distributed applications. Its initial focus is on Java EE with in-container EJB testing, but it is very easy to develop support for technologies such as RMI or Corba. Testare is written from scratch, but JUnit compatibility is in the works. This feature will enable Testare test cases to be discovered and executed by JUnit execution tools.

No download Website Updated 09 Jan 2004 High-level Automated System Test Environment

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Haste (High-level Automated System Test Environment) represents an approach to system testing that is philosophically consistent with standard XP unit testing practices. Test code runs in the same address space as the application under test, allowing for ready examination of the application state. The fundamental Haste abstractions of Story, Step, and StoryBook provide a framework to implement system tests. Utility classes simplify test development. In addition to acting as XP acceptance tests, Haste tests aid source maintenance and extension, and can play an important role in a release process.


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A library for geospatial data file manipulation.


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Keepalived for Linux

A robust keepalive framework for Linux Virtual Server and router HA.