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No download Website Updated 20 Mar 2009 timebook

Pop 34.41
Vit 43.78

Timebook is a small utility which aims to be a low-overhead way of tracking what you spend time on. It can be used to prepare annotated time logs of work for presentation to a client, or simply to track how you spend your free time.

Download Website Updated 06 Mar 2010 timekpr

Pop 83.09
Vit 42.31

timekpr will track and control the computer usage of your user accounts. You can limit their daily usage based on a timed access duration and configure periods of day when they can or cannot log in. With this application, administrators can limit account login time duration or account access hours. It has support for GNOME, KDE, and XFCE and uses time and access Linux PAM modules. It is currently limited to Ubuntu only.

Download Website Updated 22 May 2008 tinypy

Pop 44.63
Vit 1.00

tinypy is a minimalist implementation of Python in 64k of code. It includes a parser and bytecode compiler written in python. tinypy runs on its own C-based virtual machine with garbage collection. It supports a fairly decent subset of Python, including classes with single inheritance, functions with variable or keyword arguments, strings, lists, dicts, numbers, modules, list comprehensions, exceptions with full traceback, some builtins, and several modules.

Download Website Updated 08 Mar 2012 tkhelp

Pop 21.21
Vit 28.86

tkhelp is a tkinter assistance module. It includes utility functions for finding and inspecting widgets, viewing the widget hierarchy, and working around the .bind and .unbind bug, and otherwise makes programming with tkinter much more fun.

Download No website Updated 18 Feb 2010 tnote

Pop 82.90
Vit 1.10

tnote is a small note taking program for the terminal. It aims to be small, quick, and easy to use, and is similar to sticky style GUI note taking apps such as Tomboy notes.

Download Website Updated 05 Apr 2001 tocgen

Pop 10.72
Vit 1.42

tocgen is a versatile command line cdrdao toc file generator, written in Python, of particular use to those wishing to split tapes and LPs into tracks. The ability to split a wav file into regular sized tracks with little effort is what most distinguishes tocgen from tocmake and wavtoc. It was written with a view towards clarity and therefore should be easy to modify, if necessary.

Download Website Updated 11 Jul 2006 todo2html

Pop 14.49
Vit 1.00

todo2html generates pretty HTML from a standard text TODO file. The formatting is configurable with style sheets, and there is an easy-to-read built-in style or a style-free option.

No download Website Updated 22 Feb 2014 toprammer

Pop 47.18
Vit 13.88

Toprammer is software for the TOP2049 universal programmer. As all programming algorithm logic is implemented in software, it does not support all the devices that the original "Topwin" Windows software supports. However, support for new chips can be added, if needed.

Download Website Updated 18 Mar 2006 trace2html

Pop 16.12
Vit 1.73

trace2html is a utility to convert execution coverage data obtained with the trace module of the standard Python library into a set of human readable HTML documents showing a sortable summary and annotated source files.

Download Website Updated 19 Feb 2002 transAuction

Pop 20.10
Vit 2.46

transAuction is a small personal database for sellers to keep track of their transactions with online auctions.


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An interface library to access tags for identifying languages.


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A secure chat app.