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No download No website Updated 01 Jan 2013 Puppet ENC

Pop 24.29
Vit 22.66

Puppet ENC is a fully functional external node classifier for Puppet that uses MongoDB as a backend.

Download No website Updated 02 Dec 2012 genpuppet

Pop 41.57
Vit 1.01

genpuppet is a script to automatically generate a puppet manifest based on a series of user inputs. Think of it as a kernel "make config" for puppet. With genpuppet, the most frequently used resources are prompted for so one can quickly generate a working manifest without having to concentrate on syntax and spacing.

Download No website Updated 11 Feb 2012 seedBank

Pop 35.07
Vit 1.08

seedBank is a simple tool for managing Debian/Ubuntu seed files for use with unattended installations. It also manages PXE files.

Download Website Updated 23 Apr 2009 Symbolic

Pop 157.81
Vit 43.16

Symbolic is an enterprise platform designed to build, configure, and manage your huge and globally distributed data centers. It features cloud computing, Web manager virtual environments (Xen, KVM, and libvirt), clustering support, custom operations and scripts support, and user and role definitions.


Project Spotlight


A Qt-based multimedia player.


Project Spotlight


A collection of tools for dumping and mastering PlayStation 1 CD-ROM images.