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Download No website Updated 28 Jan 2002 Old Fortran Games Collection

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Vit 67.26

This is a collection of old games written in FORTRAN. The makefiles included claim that they are "U/Toronto Games". It includes games like Chess, Scrabble, Bzone, Adventure, and other old classics. These games are very old: chess.f was written around 1978.

Download Website Updated 19 Mar 2002 oscillo

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Vit 66.88

oscillo is a tiny visual digital scope for X11 that reads input from the audio device (2 voices). It can display a signal in realtime, set frequency with a slider, record, etc.

No download Website Updated 06 Apr 2002 Fusebox OpenForums

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Vit 66.75

A Fusebox discussion board application with an extensible framework, database independence, theming, optional built-in security, user management, and much more.

No download Website Updated 11 Jun 2002 Xalan-C++

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Vit 66.25

Xalan-C++ is an XSLT processor for transforming XML documents into HTML, text, or other XML document types.

Download Website Updated 06 May 2014 MaraDNS

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Vit 65.99

MaraDNS is a fully functional DNS server supporting authoritative DNS, recursive DNS, and caching DNS.

Download Website Updated 18 Dec 2002 SweetHome

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Vit 64.81

Logiclic is a home automation solution. It has just a little kernel (Servlet in Java), and you can add a Manager to this kernel and access it via a Web browser. The manager can exchange services like Tini management, I2C driver, X10 Driver, Switcher Manager, Thermometer, LCD control, etc. With this modular part, you can make your own solution of home automation. It features a neuronal manager and a scripting manager. Documentation is in French.

Download Website Updated 13 Feb 2003 pam_eps

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pam_eps is a PAM module that allows you to authenticate users against a remote server with a ssh daemon enabled. If the user exists in local machine, he is allowed entry. But if the user doesn't exist (yet exists in the remote machine and the password supplied is correct), a new user with that pass and logname will be created.

Download Website Updated 07 Apr 2003 Linux Fault Injection

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Vit 63.95

LFI is a tool for C developers to fake the return calls from libc to test for errant return codes, a property often seen under circumstances of hardware failure. The faults are introduced by creating stub libraries which are preloaded using the ld_preload method.

Download Website Updated 27 Apr 2003 Fast Track Systems Monitor

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Vit 63.80

Fast Track Systems Monitor (FTMON) is a monitoring engine that can be integrated with other systems management vendor solutions. It also defines a standard that allows applications/devices to be instrumented rapidly. The intent is to allow writing an FTMON monitor for virtually every device or application, and that any detected problems from these monitors will be able to be forwarded to any systems management solution. It is currently completely configuration file based.

No download Website Updated 21 Sep 2010 Figtex2eps

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Vit 63.38

Figtex2eps is a bash script for automating the process of creating Postscript images (or PDF) with embedded LaTeX symbols and alike made with Xfig.


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A light but smart text editor for programmers.


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A deduplication-based filesystem for Windows and Linux (SDFS).