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Download No website Updated 03 Sep 2013 Arduino Gopher

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Arduino Gopher is an arduino .pde that lets you run a gopher server on an Arduino Uno with Ethernet shield. It has a simple guestbook function so that people can leave a message that will be stored in EEPROM. It also shows DAC voltages and lets you toggle digital outputs.

Download Website Updated 02 Oct 2004 Argument Helper

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Argument Helper is a class to aid handling of command line arguments in a C++ program. It follows (and enforces) the usual conventions.

Download Website Updated 18 Dec 2006 Artichow

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Vit 3.13

Artichow is a complete framework to create statistical graphs such as line, bar, or radar plots, pies charts, and so on. It can also produce antispam images for applications such as user account creation.

Download Website Updated 24 Jun 2010 Artimagen

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Vit 2.17

The Artificial SEM Image Generator (artimagen) library generates artificial scanning electron microscope (SEM) and helium-ion microscope images of various samples, including gold-on-carbon resolution samples and some semiconductor structures. Numerous effects that appear in real SEMs are simulated (noise, drift-distortion, edge-effect, etc.), which enables assessment of imaging, metrology, and other techniques that work with SEM micrographs. Unlike the real SEM images, the artificial images exhibit defined types and amounts of these effects, which is their key advantage.

Download Website Updated 05 Feb 2007 AtomEye

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AtomEye is atomistic visualization software fast enough to handle output of molecular dynamics simulations with millions of atoms. It includes parallel and perspective projections with full three-dimensional navigation, customizable bond and coordination number calculation, colour-encoding of arbitrary user-defined quantities, local atomic strain invariant, coloured atom tiling and tracing, up to 16 cutting planes, periodic boundary condition translations, JPEG, PNG, and EPS screenshots, and animation scripting.

No download No website Updated 07 Jun 2014 AudioScope

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AudioScope is a text mode audio oscilloscope that captures sounds using DEMO, SOX, or DSP (/dev/dsp}. It is primarily a learning tool for kids. The script includes code and circuit diagrams for calibrating the horizontal and vertical axes. It features a demo mode with no dependences that samples /dev/urandom.

Download Website Updated 10 Nov 2002 Auto-Reconnection ADSL Wanadoo

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Vit 2.10

Auto-Reconnection ADSL Wanadoo is a set of scripts for automatically reconnecting an ADSL Internet connection. It relaunches pppd whenever the TCP or physical link is dead.

No download No website Updated 27 May 2014 BGPHist

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Vit 8.15

BGPHist is a tool that receives MP-BGP updates, decodes them, and writes them to a database for logging and monitoring purposes. It support not only Internet routes, but also these address families: IPv4 multicast, IPv4 labeled unicast, VPNv4 unicast, IPv6 unicast, IPv6 labeled unicast, VPNv6 unicast, L2VPN VPLS-VPWS, and IPv4 MVPN. It supports text output, MySQL databases, and Oracle databases. For the MySQL backend, there is also a simple PHP frontend. It could be used to monitor and log an ISP's customer activity for Internet and VPNs, as a passive BGP looking glass, or as a backend for some external monitoring and accounting system.

Download Website Updated 10 Jul 2013 BRL-CAD

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BRL-CAD is a powerful constructive solid geometry solid modeling system that includes an interactive geometry editor, ray-tracing support for rendering and geometric analysis, path-tracing for realistic image synthesis, network distributed framebuffer support, and image and signal-processing tools.

Download Website Updated 19 Mar 2007 Bae's Decision Maker

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Vit 51.46

Bae's Decision Maker is a light-weight but very complete decision making toy program. It will flip a coin, answer a "yes or no" question, or pick a number between two other numbers.


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A light but smart text editor for programmers.


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A deduplication-based filesystem for Windows and Linux (SDFS).