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Download Website Updated 13 Feb 2001 Spoofaudit

Pop 20.86
Vit 69.80

The Spoofaudit network auditing tool will help you to determine what basic spoofing filters (rfc2827 & rfc3013) are present between two test points on two networks, and what anti-spoofing filters are missing. The tools are designed to work between endpoints that would not normally have filtering between them except anti-spoofing filters.

Download Website Updated 14 Feb 2001 JNFSD

Pop 14.28
Vit 69.80

JNFSD is a small NFS (and mount) service in Java. It is known to work on Linux, Winx, and Solaris.

Download Website Updated 18 Dec 2001 mtail

Pop 56.39
Vit 2.31

mtail is a small tail workalike that performs output coloring using ANSI escape sequences (although the sequences are overridable, so you could cause it to output something else, e.g., HTML font tags). It is written in python, is fairly small, and should be relatively platform-independent.

Download Website Updated 29 Jul 2001 Peflp

Pop 17.44
Vit 2.03

Peflp (Povray front-End For Lazy People) is yet another povray front-end that is designed to be easy-to-use while staying useful. It is written in Tcl and features persistent settings so that initiating a pov render on the last project does not take too many clicks, and a reduced ('stamp') image of the project to mouse-select 'partial' rendering zones. The stamp image is rendered directly in small format or extracted from last full render (using ImageMagick).

Download Website Updated 22 Feb 2001 The Bubble User Bulletin Board System

Pop 9.27
Vit 69.74

The Bubble User Bulletin Board System is a local-use, single-threaded bulletin board for Unix systems. It is modeled after the UBB at Boston University in the early '90s. Bubble aims first at feature-completeness, and then at improving on the original.

Download Website Updated 27 Feb 2001 File Attribute Utility

Pop 29.41
Vit 1.00

This program runs stat(2) or lstat(2) on each input file and displays the results. By default, stat displays all the attributes returned by stat(2) or lstat(2). Specific attributes can be requested by specifying one of the command-line options. For better integration with scripting languages, the normally human-readable output can be forced to simple, numeric output with a command line option. This utility is inteded to be both command line and output compatible with the utility of the same name on SGI's Irix operating system.

Download Website Updated 17 Sep 2001 freescope

Pop 37.55
Vit 2.28

freescope is a programmer tool that provides source code browsing for various operating systems. It is a clone of the cscope program but has its own unique features, such as symbol completion and easy result browsing.

Download Website Updated 07 Mar 2001 pee-portal

Pop 10.54
Vit 69.65

pee-portal reads RDF files from a directory and displays the result on a Web page. It is written in PET (Perl Embedded Template), a template syntax for PEE (Perl Embedding Engine). This is not intended for production use, just as a demonstration of PET syntax.

Download No website Updated 11 Mar 2001 Ersatz Emacs

Pop 20.93
Vit 69.62

Ersatz Emacs is a very minimal imitation of the famous GNU Emacs editor. Unlike most popular Emacs derivatives, Ersatz strives to use as little system resources as possible and be simple enough for the casual programmer to understand, yet still include all the functionality required for most text editing jobs. Thirteen years ago this was the Public Domain release of MicroEmacs 3.6 as posted to mod.sources.

No download Website Updated 16 Sep 2004 Functional XML Parsing Framework

Pop 48.99
Vit 2.02

The Functional XML Parsing Framework is a package of low-to-high-level lexing and parsing procedures that can be combined to yield a SAX, DOM, validating parsers, or a parser intended for a particular document type. The procedures in the package can be used separately to tokenize or parse various pieces of XML documents. The package supports XML namespaces, character, internal, and external parsed entities, xml:space, attribute value normalization, processing instructions and CDATA sections. It is intended to be a framework, a set of "Lego blocks" you can use to build a parser that follows DOM, SAX, or another discipline, and performs validation to any degree. As an example of such parser construction, the package includes a semi-validating SXML parser. It converts XML to SXML, an instance of XML Infoset as S-expressions, an abstract syntax tree of an XML document. SXML can be queried (in a XPath style), transformed, and evaluated. The framework parses XML in a pure functional style, as folding over a text XML document considered a spread-out tree. The input port is treated as a linear, read-once parameter. The framework's code does not use assignments at all.


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