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Download Website Updated 06 Feb 2007 Sglib

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Sglib is a generic library for C that was inspired by the Standard Template Library from C++. It consists of a single header file and no binary code. It defines useful macros for sorting arrays and manipulating lists, sorted lists, double linked lists, hashed containers, and red-black trees. Macros are parametrized by the type of the data structure. The library does not enforce its own data representation, but acts on user-defined types. It does not enforce any particular memory management system.

Download Website Updated 09 Nov 2003 jsSplitter

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jsSplitter is a toolbox for Javascript preprocessing. It can concatenate a .js file or a series of .js files to a single file. It can compress Javascript code by removing comments, blank spaces, and linefeeds. A GUI, a command line utility, an Ant task, and a JSP tag are included.

Download Website Updated 07 Oct 2003 Greencard

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Green Card is a foreign function interface preprocessor for Haskell. It simplifies the task of interfacing Haskell programs to external libraries, which are normally exposed via C interfaces.

Download Website Updated 06 Oct 2003 DObject Library C++

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The DObject Library C++ is a Java-like library that acts as a bridge between the C++ and the Java worlds. It offers a wide range of the Java facilities without losing the power of C++. It offers naming convention that is similar to the Java language, smart pointers emulating Java references, and classes emulating Java arrays.

No download No website Updated 16 Sep 2010 cpp2html

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cpp2html uses C code with preprocessor macros as its input, and creates a hypertext view of the preprocessing. It can also enable partial macro expansion or full C preprocessing.

No download Website Updated 12 Feb 2005 PXSL

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PXSL ("pixel") is a convenient shorthand for writing markup-heavy XML documents. It provides XML authors and programmers with a simple, concise syntax that they can use to create XML documents. For more advanced users, it offers customizable shortcuts and sophisticated refactoring tools like functional macros that can markedly reduce the size and complexity of markup-dense XML documents.

Download Website Updated 07 Apr 2009 doublecpp

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Doublecpp is a preprocessor for C++ that handles a new linguistic construct for defining branches of a multi-method. The "right" branch of such a method will be selected dynamically at run-time according to the actual type of the object on which the method is invoked, and to the actual type of the first argument: double dispatch. This basically implements dynamic overloading in C++.

Download Website Updated 23 Mar 2004 rfc2mib

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rfc2mib is a short Tcl script which may be used to extract MIB (Management Information Base), PIB (Policy Information Base), and ASN.1 modules from an RFC document. Unlike most extractors, this script is smart enough to recognize ASN.1-style comments prior to or within the module header. It also recognizes the use of the "TagDefaults" part of the module header (not used by MIB modules), module headers that are broken across multiple lines, and macro definitions.

Download Website Updated 22 Aug 2004 PHPCoder

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PHPCoder is a Web-based frontend to the Turck MMCache encoding functions, which are similar to the Zend Encoder product. PHPCoder enables you to encode your PHP scripts and applications into non-reversible bytecode, thus preventing users of your programs from viewing or altering the source code while having full functionality. Another excellent use for PHPCoder is to encode your applications PHP configuration files, that way someone viewing your source code does not see your databae login and password information. It also allows you to set restrictions on the encoded scripts, you can lock a script to a particular server IP address, server host name, visitor IP, or even place a time limit on the script so it will expire after a configurable amount of time. You specify Text, HTML, or PHP code that should be prepended and appended to each file before it is encoded, allowing you to easily and securely implement your own licensing scheme.

Download Website Updated 23 Mar 2006 h2incn

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h2incn tries to directly convert C/C++ headers to Nasm-style include files, and can be used in a makefile. It is useful if you want to use the same structures or external variable declarations in C and assembler code, and you don't want to use two separate files and update both each time you change something. It is written in a mix of C and C++ code. It currently works for simple files.


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A virtual desktop environment based on LXC.


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PHP Git Client Class

A class for accessing files in Git repositories.